RFP 2013-03-18 for eBook Content Platform and eBook Content

The Massachusetts Library System announces a request for proposals to provide a statewide eBook Content Platform and eBook Content for a pilot program with 50 multi-type libraries. Responses must be received by MLS by 4:00pm EDT on April 29, 2013.

Please review the RFP and respond using the appropriate Respondent Forms. Charge 1 addresses the need for an eBook Content Platform. Charge 2 addresses the need for eBook Content.

RFP 2013-03-18: eBook Content Platform & eBook Content

Respondent-Form Charge 1
Respondent-Form-Charge 1 2013-03-18 (word doc)

Respondent Form Charge 2
Respondent Form -Charge 2-2013-03-18 (word doc)

For links to Vendor Conference Call, notes from Conference Call and summary of questions and answers, please click here. (Posted 4-8-13)