MLS Member Update: March 2019

Happy Spring, MLS members! We are pleased to share with you our March Member Update.

Marlborough Office News
We continue to work with our broker to find a new home for the Marlborough office. We hope to have news soon.

Membership News
MLS welcomed 1 new member and 2 new directors in February

New Members
• Saint John School Library, Wellesley

New Directors
• Huntington Public Library – Heather Dunfee
• Warwick Free Public Library – Ivan Ussach

Delivery News
An Open House is being planned at Optima’s Plymouth sort site for May. We are confirming dates and will post soon. This is a great opportunity to see how the sort-to-light works, and you may even get to try the process out!

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Join Commonwealth eBook Collections!

Enrollment is now open until April 15th to join Commonwealth eBook Collections for the 2019-2020 year!

Open to MLS member school libraries, academic libraries, non-networked public libraries, and special libraries that are not already participating in the program. School libraries join the OverDrive K-12 Shared eBook Collection. Academic, non-networked public, and special libraries join the SAILS Library Network OverDrive Consortium eBook Collection.


Review FY2020 pricing information and learn more here.

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VCRs for forgotten classics

See libraries with VCRs (and other Library of Things) on our scatter map!

In an age when VHS tapes are becoming more and more obsolete, you may wonder why it would be worth adding a VCR. Ironically, as more movies and shows become accessible via streaming media, patrons may gain interest in old movies or TV shows that are referenced in the movies or TV shows they’re watching. Sometimes a classic movie may never make the jump to DVD or streaming for various reasons, including rights to songs featured that allow only for VHS (for example, Bosom Buddies was permitted to release on DVD only by changing their theme song, and other movies with diegetic music may never get rights to release). Since fair use doesn’t allow copying, no matter how obscure the source material, the only way for your patrons to see some classic gems would be to track down a copy on VHS (probably over Interlibrary Loan).

CC0 photo by Anthony from Pexels

CC0 photo by Anthony /Pexels

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Medical Librarians Support Clinical Research and Improve the Patient Experience

The Massachusetts Library System received an inquiry in our continuing education survey about what hospital and medical librarians do. In response, I’m pleased to bring you an interview with Sarah Carnes, the Clinical Librarian at the Bedford VA Medical Center. In this interview, she will share the numerous ways she supports clinical research and contributes to improving the patient experience.

Sarah Carnes

Sarah Carnes, Clinical Librarian

What services do you provide to support the wide-ranging needs of Bedford VA Medical Center’s staff?

As the Clinical Librarian at the Bedford VA Medical Center, I provide support to staff working in a wide variety of disciplines. Clinical and research staff must be current on information in order to conduct evidence-based care and impactful research. The majority of our resources are available online in our Knowledge Library, our user-friendly online medical library platform. Staff also have access to these materials when offsite as many will conduct their in-depth reading outside of normal working hours.

Research shows that for all the convenience of electronic health records, telemedicine, and online medical libraries, there is not enough time in the day for providers to keep up with all the information they wish to access. Clinical librarians possess the expertise to mitigate the barriers between staff and the information they need. Staff request information or assistance via email, phone or in-person. Some of the requests are fulfilled relatively quickly, such as a request for the full-text of an article or information on how to set up a literature alert or offsite account. Others take a great deal more time, such as complex literature searches for differential diagnoses or for systematic reviews–which might take anywhere between three to nine hours. Over the course of the last year and a half, I have completed over 600 searches and reference questions and I estimate that saved staff approximately 450 hours.

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MLS Member Update: February 2019

We are pleased to share our February update with you. As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

A Note of Sympathy

MLS joins librarians across the state and beyond in mourning the passing of Paula Sharaga, Children’s Librarian at the Coolidge Corner Branch, Brookline Public Library. Her dedication and passion will be remembered by the many families and library staff whose lives she touched. Our thoughts are with Paula’s family and colleagues during this difficult time.

We also send our thoughts to the staff at the Peabody Institute Library in Danvers. Assistant Librarian Patrick Clapham passed away on February 5 after battling cancer. He loved the Danvers library and community deeply and requested that friends and family donate to a foundation in his name that will perpetually support the Children’s Room. Patrick’s knowledge, dedication, and humor will be greatly missed.

Legislative Breakfasts

Thank you to all the support groups, networks, staff and host libraries for your dedication and hard work planning the Legislative Breakfasts. We were pleased to attend many as guest speakers and are appreciative of the support demonstrated for MLS and our services. We look forward to the final breakfast on March 22 at the Jones Library in Amherst, and we hope to see many of you at Library Legislative Day on March 5!

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