Duplicator Group Purchase

AMLS has finalized pricing for a barcode duplicator group purchase. We received overwhelming interest and are very happy to have BayScan to provide a solution for barcode duplication to Massachusetts libraries.

BayScan has been working with libraries throughout Massachusetts for barcoding solutions with fantastic results.  Each BayScan duplicator will be made available for $595 per unit. Additionally, pricing for labels and resin ribbons will be:

  • Poly Label, 1800 per roll – $19
  • Resin Ribbon, can print 8-9 rolls of labels per ribbon – $20

For purchasing information, please contact:

Kevin Brown
BayScan Technologies
33549 E Royalton Road, Unit 3
Columbia Station, OH 44028

If Kevin is unavailable, his team members can assist you.

For additional information on the BayScan duplicator please go here or check out BayScan’s website. For a video of a BayScan duplicator being used in a Massachusetts library, please go here.

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