Delivery Service – June 2011 Update

We are pleased to announce that MLS has signed a three-year agreement with Optima Shipping to provide statewide library delivery service beginning on July 1, 2011.

This agreement provides a number of benefits to libraries and MLS.

  • Optima is a proven high-quality service provider with about three years experience serving libraries south of Boston and in the Boston metropolitan area.
  • Optima’s innovative proposal provides MLS, networks, and members with flexible implementation opportunities.  When a network and its members are ready, Optima’s sort-to-light process eliminates the need for printing, placing, and disposing of millions of delivery slips.
  • Libraries that do not participate in a network and members of networks not set up for sort-to-light yet, should continue to ship items in the usual way with current routing slips.
  • This agreement saves money by consolidating the contract with a single vendor and reducing associated overhead and management costs.  In fact, we have been able to add eight additional stops at no addition cost to encourage resource sharing.  At the same time, MLS’s internal administrative costs will be reduced by the single point of contact for communications and billing.

We are setting up a new e-mail distribution list to inform members about delivery services.  If you already receive email updates about delivery, your email address will be included on the new list too.  If you do not receive these messages and you would like to, please contact Amanda Fauver.

We are also setting up an email address to inform Optima and MLS about topics related to your library.  Beginning July 1st, please send all messages about library closings, schedule changes, etc. to:

Or, for time sensitive information, please call Optima directly at: 800-872-4004

We have the new routing schedule, effective July 1, 2011.  You may access the routes by clicking HERE. If you have questions or concerns about the new schedule, please contact Catherine Utt.

Optima drivers will be doing dry runs to learn the set-up in each library (not currently served by Optima or Eastern Carrier).  The schedule for dry runs is posted here.

When a network and its member libraries is converted to sort-to-light, libraries with branches and bookmobiles will receive items separated by branch.  For example, a library with two branches will receive shipments in three sets of totes 1-Main; 2-Branch A; 3-Branch B.

The 55 libraries with the largest volume of delivery will receive shipments for their library (or main library, if there are branches) separated by holds and returns.  For a list of these libraries, please visit the delivery routes information page.

MLS is always ready to help your library with questions or concerns about delivery service.  If you need to reach us, please call 508-357-2121 or email Amanda Fauver.

If you find the need to escalate an issue or for serious problems, please contact Catherine Utt, MLS Business Manager first; and, if necessary, Greg Pronevitz, Executive Director at 508-357-2121.

Please see the following links for further information:

Services Announcement
Forms and Slips:

Routes index
Statewide Delivery Committee
Delivery and Sorting RFP

Additional Resources:

BayScan Group Purchase
BayScan Duplicator (Video)
Optima Operations (Video)
Sort-to-Light Testimonials:


When your network begins to use sort-to-light, Optima will need to be informed about any scheduled (or unscheduled) down time.  It would be easiest if you avoided scheduling down time during the sorting hours.  Week day sorting hours: CW/MARS-2pm-7pm; all other networks-2pm-10pm

To contact Optima, please use the following email and phone: 800-872-4004 or

The following networks have been tested successfully for the SIP2 Connection to use sort-to-light:
SAILS, CLAMS, OCLN, and Minuteman

Network Preferences for Transition to Sort-to-Light (assuming that the network reaches the threshold of 75% of items in transit being in compliance with the barcode placement policy and network compatibility with sort-to-light and all network members agree to comply with the barcode placement policy for new items).



By December 2011:

CLAMS (September/October 2011 preferred)
MinuteMan (September preferred)
OCLN (December preferred)

January-June 2012


June-December 2012



2013 – MBLN


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