Resource Sharing Unbound

Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 9:30 – 3:30

Hogan Center, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester

Electronic resources provide an opportunity and a challenge for libraries of all types.  Massachusetts residents have traditionally enjoyed a vigorous sharing environment.  Today’s structure for the licensing and delivery of e-content are challenges to sharing.  How will we proactively address the challenges posed by e-content?

Our keynote presentations will be recorded and archived on the MLS website following the event.

About our speakers


9:00     Continental breakfast available; registration opens

9:30     Welcome:  Rob Maier, Director of the Massachusetts Board of Library         Commissioners [Audio (4:55, 2.29MB)]

10:00   James G. Neal, Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian,             Columbia University on Sometimes a Scream…Is Better Than a Thesis


11:00  Jamie LaRue, Director, Douglas County (Colorado) Libraries on Emerging    Pathways for Resource Sharing


12:00   Lunch

12:45  Reconvene: Greg Pronevitz, Executive Director, MA Library System

Panel Discussion: Towards Solutions

  • Anita Cellucci, Westborough High School
  • Esmé Green, Goodnow Library, Sudbury
  • Jay Schafer, Director of Libraries, University of Massachusetts
  • Evan Simpson, Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative Steering Committee member and librarian,  Tufts University

2:00     Small group discussions using SOAR (strengths, opportunities, aspirations and             results)

  • Statewide library cards
  • Small lenders
  • Virtual catalog
  • Resource sharing roles for automated networks
  • Streaming media
  • eBooks and eJournals
  • Textbooks

2:45     Report out: what is the most important resource sharing question from your table  needing further attention?

3:00     Wrap up

About our speakers

Please evaluate Resource Sharing Unbound and share your suggestions for future speakers and topics.


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