Site visits with BiblioTemps® clients are a great way to stay in touch and improve relationships. Over the years, The Morse Institute Library in Natick has utilized BiblioTemps® temporary staffing services on several occasions. BiblioTemps® and MLS want to extend their thanks by featuring them in this week’s post.

There is a mix of beautiful things in the Morse Institute Library that make it unique. They have a knack for combining old and new in both structure and content. From the outside, you will notice the classic architecture of the original structure seamlessly combined with the newer modernized expansion. Visitors will be impressed with the incorporation of the entire building in the renovated design. Upon entering, you can see the old exterior walls on the inside.  To bring a community feeling to the library, they feature revolving exhibits local artists. Quite extraordinary!

In a recent satisfaction survey, staff at the Morse Institute library said this about why they rate BiblioTemps®’ service with high marks, “Reliability and a constant stream of great candidates!” To find out how BiblioTemps can help your library with staffing issues, visit our website at today!