Are BiblioTemps® CORI checked before they are available to work?

Some libraries require CORI checks before a candidate can work in their establishment but not all. We can conduct CORI checks as part of the on boarding process prior to a candidate’s first day of work or the library can order a CORI check after the placement has started. All CORI checks are done with consent of the candidate and are performed at the start of the placement.

What’s included in the BiblioTemps® service fee?

The BiblioTemps© service fee includes mandatory employer expenses (FICA – social security and Medicare tax, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and state mandated earned sick leave, etc.), as well as our operational costs.

How and when are screening interviews conducted?

Candidates are screened prior to being placed in library jobs by phone or in person by appointment. Occasionally, we hold open interview days and anyone is welcome to schedule a time slot during those days. Open interview days will be advertised on our website: