Attention, Massachusetts Libraries:

Do you need experienced short-term staff to help out during vacation, illness, or a seasonal increase in service?  Are you looking to fill an interim vacancy while you conduct a search process for a permanent hire?  Do you wish you had someone with a specialized skillset on hand for a few weeks or months to carry out a short-term project?

BiblioTemps® is ready to help!

We have an ever expanding team of library workers who are standing by to help meet your short-term staffing needs.  BiblioTemps® are available throughout the state at all levels of experience, from highly experienced professionals, to new library school graduates, to paralibrarians and general library staff.

Potential placements include:

  • Circulation or reference desk workers
  • Children or young adult staff
  • Interim library directors or department heads
  • Short-term projects such as:
    • Archives/local history/digital library work
    • Cataloging
    • Weeding
    • Web design
    • Subject guide development
    • Grant writing
    • Book repair

Working with BiblioTemps® is easy!  Tell us what you need, and we’ll select one of our prescreened candidates.  If we don’t already have someone who fits your requirements, we’ll find a match.  BiblioTemps® handles the human resources paperwork so that you don’t have to.

For more information, visit us online at, or contact Kelly Jo Woodside at or 866-627-7228, ext. 314.