Vendor Questions and Answers

The period for posing questions about the RFP has closed.  While we are unable to answer most questions about the RFP, we are able to help you, if you are having issues with access to information on this site.  We will confirm receipt of proposals via email as they arrive.

MLS welcomes questions from firms interested in bidding on this RFP.  We will post all questions received by August 2, 2010, 4:00 pm EDT that identify the sender and the firm.  We will not post sender or firm information.  It is for internal use.  After this time, we will no longer respond to questions that cover information about this RFP with the exception of details about submitting bids and confirming the receipt of bids.  Send your questions to:

Questions and Answers from the July 29th Open Meeting with Vendors (click for PDF)

Q 9.  I am having trouble opening the links to the Google maps of routes in Appendix E: Consultants Report on page 13.  Can you help?

A: Yes, please try these links:







Q 8. We understand that we need to design a workaround process to process items from non-networked libraries.  How do we identify these libraries?

A:  Appendix A has sample delivery data for all stops.  The data is split into six sections that represent samples from the the former six regional delivery systems.  In the first column, libraries that are part of a network are identified.  When this cell is blank, it is a non-networked library.

Q 7. In looking at the delivery data attached in Appendix A, we have noted discrepancies in the data.

A:  Use your best judgment based on the the volume and location to ensure efficient operations.  Please note discrepancies in your response.  We did our best to collect accurate data last March and apologize for any discrepancies.

Q 6.  On Model 2 (Label-Based Sorting), are you expecting responses that include a manual sort done at the distribution center in addition to automated sorts?

A: For Model 2: Label-Based Sorting, we are expecting responses that do not include automated sorting.  Responses to this model are not expected to include electronic communications with the networks to determine the destination of items at the sort site.  If this model is accepted libraries will continue to place a label to indicate the destination for each item.

Q 5. Re: Appendix A: Western Tab – Springfield Pub Lib on # of stops per week states “10–DAILY X 2”, can we get further clarification as to  the current delivery times.

A:  The Springfield courier, under an MLS contract, serves the Whately MLS office and Springfield City Library and other libraries in that area. His day begins by delivering to Springfield City Library the materials picked up at a few public and one college library visited early on his route.  He picks up there too (Springfield is a major resource sharer and a sort center for many area colleges and the city’s own main public library and branches) and delivers that material to the MLS office in Whately.  In Whately he picks up everything that MLS drivers, cross-state delivery and the Five College courier picked up and sorted for Springfield and the Cooperating Libraries of Greater Springfield the previous delivery day.  The courier returns with all of it to Springfield City Library that afternoon.  Therefore the courier delivers to Whately once and Springfield twice every week day.  (This arrangement was made outside of standard Whately office delivery services.  With centralized sorting, the arrangements may be adjusted to provide the highest level of efficiency.)

Q 4.  We are interested in seeing the Whately resources that are described in Appendix F.  How can we arrange a visit?

A:  Mary King, MLS Advisor and Supervisor of Whately Delivery Operations can arrange a visit and answer questions about the facilities and these resources.  She can be reached at 413-665-9898 or

Q 3.  If a strategic partnership is formed will each partner be able to bill the Massachusetts Library System directly?

A:  It might be possible.  However, our preference is to contract with a single firm that will coordinate all services, communications, and billing.

Q 2: We have reviewed the website and have the RFP printed, with the schedule of events outlined, is there anything else we would need to move forward as we plan to respond to the MLS RFP for Delivery and Sorting Services for Massachusetts Libraries?

A: There are a number of documents to consider in preparing to respond to the RFP.  The RFP is the main document.  We require that you use the respondent form(s) provided.  Use Model 1 if your response includes “automated” sorting that eliminates the need for libraries to place a label indicating the destination on each item shipped.  Use Model 2 if you are responding to provide sorting that requires a label on each item shipped.   We welcome multiple responses from respondents who are able to provide more than one solution.  Please complete a separate respondent form for each response.

In addition, you will find Appendix A – Appendix H.  Please ensure that you have the full documents.  We have indicated the number of worksheets in each Excel document.  The information in these appendices is critical to a thorough response to the MLS RFP.

It would also be useful to review the Vendor Questions and Answers and Member Libraries FAQs on the site.

Q 1:  I will not be able to participate in the RFP but would, however, like to offer my delivery services as an agent to whoever you select as your partner.  Please let me know if that is possible and thanks for the opportunity.

A:  We are able to post contact information and links to firms that would like to make it known that they are willing to partner with others.  Please send the following information to

Contact name/phone/email/web link to information about your firm
Interested firms will be listed below in the order received:

Fleet Couriers
Contact: Pete Scaccia, Jr.

Firm: New England Express LLC
Address: 2 Bert Dr. suite 3 West Bridgewater, MA 02379
Contact Info: Jordan Leonard

We are seeking an automation strategic partner. We can service logistics for the entire state:

New England States Transport, Inc.
PO Box 1092, Wrentham, MA 02093
Steve Ives, VP Sales,
Tony Carafa, VP Ops,

We are seeking a strategic partner and are only interested in Western Mass.

A.L.D. Service, Inc
Albany Int’l Airport Latham, N.Y. 12210
Peter Belenchia – President

The Beacon Group is looking for a Transport company to partner with. TBG is a full service material handling integrator located in Tewksbury, MA.

Bruce Wilson
The Beacon Group
500 Clark Road, P.O. Box 370
Tewksbury, MA 01876
O 866.811.0269 x 219
C 978.337.3482
F 978.640.3909

Emmett Erwin
Sales Consultant
EnvisionWare, Inc.
800-216-8370 Ext. 305
Cell: 215-454-9527

JST Transportation, Inc
150 South Street, Plainville, MA 02762
200 Bartlett Street, Northborough, MA 01532
Contact: Tom Molinari
Phone: 617-974-8566

* Available for distribution service in all parts of Massachusetts.

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