WMRLS Executive Board Minutes


WMRLS Executive Board Minutes
The members of the MLS Executive Board also act as the Executive Board of the dormant Western Massachusetts Regional Library System (WMRLS).

MLS Executive Board minutes for the current fiscal year are available here.

MLS Executive Board minutes from previous fiscal years are here.

Calendar Year 2014:

2014 WMRLS December Minutes
2014 WMRLS November Minutes – No Board Meeting Held
2014 WMRLS October Minutes
2014 WMRLS September Minutes
2014 WMRLS August Minutes
2014 WMRLS July Minutes
2014 WMRLS June Minutes
2014 WMRLS May Minutes
2014 WMRLS April Minutes
2014 WMRLS March Minutes
2014 WMRLS January Minutes

Calendar Year 2013:
2013 WMRLS December Minutes
2013 WMRLS October Minutes
2013 WMRLS June Minutes

Calendar Year 2012:
2012 WMRLS April Minutes
2012 WMRLS February Minutes

Calendar Year 2011:
2011 WMRLS February Minutes

Calendar Year 2010:
2010 WMRLS November Minutes

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