Summer Library Program Resources and FAQ

Resources – Quick Links:

Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP)
CSLP Rules of Use
MBLC Summer Reading – Bruins
Massachusetts Summer Library Resource GuideNew and Improved!
Massachusetts Summer Library Program Facebook Page
ReadsinMa: Librarian Information and Sharing Blog – includes a FAQ!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions: (Updated October 3, 2012)

What is the link to the 2013 summer materials order form?
You can find that form here:

I ordered the posters but I also want the bookmarks! Did I miss that?
No, the 2013 Materials Order Form has not been posted yet. Look for it the week of September 17! We will announce via MassYac.

Can you clarify what we need to count for programs and attendance? I want to be sure I am giving the figures you want!
We ask for the number of “performance and library hosted programs (storytimes, craft programs, etc)” for Children, Teen, and Adult. The next question is usually the attendance figure. We are asking for the total attendance at each of those three age ranges. So for a program intended for children, you would count everyone who attended, including adults, teens, and children. You don’t have to separate out attendance for individual programs. If most of your programs are aimed at families but have a strong focus on children, you would count those under Children. We want totals for each type of program.

I can’t find the emails you sent out about the 2012 Evaluation form and the Bruins Raffle! What are they?
Summer 2012 Evaluation Form – The 2012 Evaluation and 2013 Poster Order Form is now closed. Thank you for submitting your information! We will share the results shortly.
Bruins Raffle Form – This Raffle is now closed. Winning Librarians will be contacted shortly.

The evaluation form now has a drop down box, listing all the libraries. But it doesn’t have the branches! Where do those numbers go?
You will need to bundle them into the main branch. We can’t accept separate orders for branches – we need one order per organization. You will get one shipment with the posters and another later with the paper goods. We are also asking for one summer library program contact person who will be responsible for disseminating summer information and materials amongst all branches.

Are there any big changes I should know about for summer 2013?
Yes! Due to budget concerns, CSLP will no longer be able to cover full shipping costs for summer program items ordered from Upstart/Highsmith. Half of the shipping will be the responsibility of the ordering institution and the other half will be covered by CSLP.

Members of the Massachusetts Library System will continue to have the costs of paper products and shipping covered as a benefit of membership in MLS. However, your library will be responsible for half the shipping costs for any incentives ordered direct from Upstart.

I’m new at my library and don’t know anything about using the online summer reading component through ReadsinMa!! Help!
The ReadsinMa: Librarian Information and Sharing Blog has a lot of information to help you get on your way. There’s a quick start guide as well as many useful videos on how to administer and set up the page. We suggest starting there.

Do we really have to follow the CSLP Rules of Use?
The short answer is Yes!
The slightly longer answer is:
CSLP’s exclusive vendor contracts with artists to create art for the youth, teen, and adult summer library programs each year to create a poster, bookmark, and spot art in black and white and color. The exclusive vendor negotiates with each artist a worldwide exclusive use of their art for CSLP for a limited time. The copyright for the art rests with the artist.
The value to CSLP and its exclusive vendor is the exclusivity of the art and its use. The exclusive vendor must know there will be an exclusive market to justify their large investment in inventory before a single product is sold. CSLP derives the majority of its income from a license fee (for the use of the CSLP Name and logo) paid to CSLP by the exclusive vendor, based upon the gross sales of all products produced by CSLP’s exclusive vendor.
Due to copyright and contractual arrangements between the exclusive vendor and the artists and the exclusive vendor and CSLP, CSLP members are expected to be aware of the following rules of use.
The best practice is to check with the CSLP Rules of Use to see the latest changes and updates.

Why didn’t I get any posters?
The poster order is included in the annual Summer Library Program Evaluation. The Evaluation is generally available by mid-August with a deadline of sometime in mid-September. If you didn’t submit your numbers to us, it means you didn’t order posters!

How about posters for 2013?
In the summer library program evaluation which will again go out by email, we are asking for your library’s order for posters for children’s, teen, and adult. We ask that folks order only once per library and we ask that you order responsibly. 10 posters is fine, 100 isn’t!

What paper materials do I get for free?
MLS will cover the costs for the following items, including the posters. While they are not free, we are pleased to offer this service to MLS members.

Bookmarks: 200 per pack
Lined Reading Records: 25 per pack
Timed Reading Records: 25 per pack
Certificates: 50 per pack

Early Literacy:
Bookmarks: 200 per pack

Bookmarks: 200 per pack

Bookmarks: 200 per pack

What format are manuals?
The manuals are in DVD format only.

I need to do my publicity brochures! Where is the clip art?
Clip art images are contained in the DVD. Please review and use the CSLP Rules of Use. There is clip art embedded with the credit line and we encourage you to use those images. They are on the DVD.

Is it OK to edit/alter the CSLP artwork—such as changing the colors or adding color to the line art or photo shopping a piece of art to remove part of it or to add a new element to it?
No, it is not acceptable to alter (other than increasing or decreasing the size) the CSLP artwork. The Rules of Use say you may not alter/manipulate CSLP artwork in any manner that changes its original appearance.

Do I have to credit the Bruins? I don’t like corporate sponsors and besides what do they do for us?
Yes, you do have to credit our statewide sponsor, the Boston Bruins. The Bruins pay for our program posters, provide prizes awarded statewide, offer incentives and programs for participating libraries, and promote our program. Without their support, MLS would not be able to provide program basics at no cost to libraries. Our partnership with the Bruins has elevated our program’s visibility throughout the state and beyond.

About the Bruins – how can my patrons be eligible for the terrific prizes that will be awarded later this year?
More information on how names for the three age groups (Children 5-7, Children 8-11, Children 12 and older) will be submitted can be found here.. It doesn’t matter how they participated in the library’s summer program. Any participant will be eligible!

Is there a credit line we need to use on our brochures, etc. recognizing the Mass Library system? I remember doing something like that before. If so, how should it be worded?
We have the wording for the credit lines on the Summer Library Program wiki!.

Dream Big-READ! is sponsored by your local library, the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Own the Night is sponsored by your local library, the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Between the Covers is sponsored by your local library, the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

If we just use the slogan but use none of graphics, do we still need to add the credit line?
Yes, you do need to use our credits, even if you are not using the graphics for the program. MLS has paid for your membership to the Collaborative, which in turn created the program and theme for you to use. Plus, if you hang up the posters or give out the bookmarks, it’s only appropriate that all parties that sponsored the program are credited.

I want to use the same fonts as are in the slogans and clip art. How do I do that?
It’s very easy! Go to the Collaborative Summer Library Program(CSLP) web site. If you haven’t already, join by providing a user name and password. Approval takes a few days but when you are approved, you’ll be able to enjoy many member benefits including downloading the fonts!
Also, be sure to read the credit line information that must be included on your promotions/website. It can be found on our summer wiki.

What kind of statistics will you need at the end of the summer?
We’re so glad to answer this one! You will be getting a link to an online evaluation form after summer programs are ended. We will be asking for:

  • Registrations: both online and paper
  • Completion numbers: both online and paper (Completion is however you defined it for your participants)
  • Number of programs and their attendance numbers (Programs include both performer and library type of programs)

These numbers are required!

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please do check our Summer Library Program Guide first! If you can’t find the answer there, then do email your Advisors for Youth Services Susan Babb or Sarah Sogigian!