Special Library Recertification Form

MLS periodically updates its member directory information and verifies that libraries are eligible to receive MLS services. Please assist us by completing this information.

* Organization Name:

Library Name (if different from organization name):

Does your library:
* Have an organized collection?
* Have a fixed location?
* Have established and posted hours of service?
* Have an on-site paid librarian-in-charge?
* Have a written mission statement or subscribe to your organization's mission statement?
* A budget?
* Authorization from an appropriate administrative authority to participate in MLS activities?
* Agree to the terms and conditions of the Massachusetts Library System membership agreement as established by the Board of Library Commissioners (see:http://www.masslibsystem.org/about/mls-membership/)?
* Library email:

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Library Fax:

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Zip code:

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* Primary Contact at Library:

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Network affiliation (if applicable):
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