How to add the 2013 templates to your programs

Evanced made a couple of changes this year, to help streamline the process of adding a pre-loaded template to your summer programs. They created several templates that reflect out statewide themes, Dig Into Reading, Beneath the Surface, and Groundbreaking Reads.

Once you have your program set up, here is how to add a template:

1. Log into your maintenance page as an admin.
2.    Click on System Maintenance
3.    On the left, under Programs, click on Edit Program.
4.    Select the program you want to change
5.    Click on the Visual Setup button on the top, right of the page.
6.    From the Style Library drop down, select the template you want to use.
7.    Click Save. You may see the following message: “The program already has styles associated with it.  Are you sure you want to overwrite the program’s styles?” If you still want to add the new template, click OK.
8.    Click Preview. In a pop up,, you’ll see the new template. If you don’t like, go back to step 6 and do again.
9.    Click Save.
10.  Be sure to refresh your public page to see the changes.

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The 2013 Templates are loaded!

Evanced Solutions has updated the Summer Reader software and the 2013 templates are loaded! There also have some updates to share. Please review:

This version did not create any major user interface or workflow changes, however it did fine tune existing Summer Reader features.


- Easier style template and header graphics application. The NEW “Visual Setup” button is now available from the program’s setup page; making it very easy to apply a style template to your program’s page.

-Enhanced Family and Group Registration functionality.

-Streamlined password retrieval process and eliminated the ability to create a non-secure “username only” log in option and “Library Card” log in option. If you have active programs at the time of this update, passwords will need to be created for your participants. This can be done from the registrant’s record by selecting the “Change Password” button . More information is available here:

Evanced is HAPPY to help! Please contact the Evanced Solutions Support team at or by calling 888-519-5770.”

MLS will be announcing Evanced trainings soon! Evanced also has videos posted to help you walk through the basic functions of the program:

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