Purchasing Cooperatives

The Massachusetts Library System is collaborating with the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) to provide a new Cooperative Purchasing Program. This partnership will result in MLS members joining MHEC to take advantage of cooperative pricing for the procurement of library materials and supplies.

MHEC is a New England-wide purchasing consortium open to all public and private institution of higher education, municipalities, schools and educational organizations throughout Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. MHEC uses its large member base and procurement expertise to negotiate high cost-savings for members. MLS is working closely with MHEC to ensure the same products that libraries purchase now will be available, but at better price points.

Additional information about the MHEC and MLS contracts, membership, training and other general information can be found on our Coop FAQ.

Current MHEC Contracts: These contracts are in place and can be accessed through the MHEC website.

  • L50 (Supplies & Archival Materials)
  • L51 (Books and Media)
  • L52 (Print Subscriptions)

Current MLS Contracts:

  • General Office Supplies –  Quill and WB Mason (valid through June 30, 2013)



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