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                                                                                                    Union Position: Yes__X__  No____

Position Summary:
Responsible for providing financial, purchasing, secretarial and administrative services to the Library Department, Director, Board of Library Trustees and the “Friends of the J. V. Fletcher Library, Inc.” non-profit corporation. Oversees all office functions, warrant production, purchase orders, supply orders, accounts payable, depositing and posting of Gift, Memorial, Restitution, Petty Cash and Trust Funds.  Executes weekly payroll and maintains leave accrual documentation.  Coordinates volunteers and senior tax volunteer programs.  Functions as initial contact to the public, referring the public to appropriate divisions and division personnel. Personal Secretary to the Director and the Board of Library Trustees.  Related work as required.


Principal Responsibilities:

1.     Organizes and oversees all administrative office functions in the Library, including administrative files, reports, warrants, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, purchase orders, supplies and office equipment.

2.     Produces Library and Library Board correspondence providing secretarial support to both Boards and Director; takes shorthand and dictation, transcribing same for Director and Board. Produces file copies of all correspondence, minutes and departmental documents and maintains 20-plus drawers of indexed, accessible hard copy files.

3.     Processes, records posts and proofs weekly budget warrants and deposits for $1,500,000.00-plus department (MUNIS and EXCEL software).  Oversees collection and handling of Memorials, Gifts, Restitution deposits, Membership donations, procurement and disbursement of Petty Cash.  Produces weekly Operating Budget expenditure warrants and Resitution Account and Memorial Book and Gift Account warrants.  Produces monthly Trust Funds expenditure warrants, deposits, summary sheets and Trustee Authorizations. 

4.     Monitors access to and contents of administrative safe.  Responsible for distribution and collection of departmental keys and maintains Master copies and index to 70-plus departmental keys as well as an up-to-date employee key list.

5.     Oversees submittal, approval and execution of all departmental purchase orders.

6.     Oversees and prepares all supply purchase orders, purchase and bid documents. Assists divisions in the preparation of their supply orders.  Reviews supply orders to ensure the most cost-efficient vendors are utilized while maintaining product quality. Maintains and follows through on all paperwork on orders for Library Department from initial ordering through warrant submission.  Responsible for Friends’ of the J. V. Fletcher Library supply orders and paperwork from initial submission to timely submittal to Friends’ Treasurer for payment of Friends’ invoices.  Reviews monthly vendor statements for accuracy.  Reviews Friends’ Bank Statements for check numbers to log on payment requests. 

7.     Acts as departmental liaison with the State Collective Purchasing System and the Regional Cooperative Purchasing System.

8.     Handles confidential correspondence and files of the Director and the elected Board of Library Trustees. Has access to CORI records of all volunteers.

9.     Maintains comprehensive records of all departmental bids, personnel advertisements, vendor correspondence and notices to affirmative action agencies. Disseminates bid specifications; receives and records sealed bids and deposit monies.

10. Responsible for departmental supply, vendor and equipment contract management. Maintains records for annual, as well as multi-year contracts, alerting administration to termination date on all leases, options, warranties and contracts.

11. Organizes, assembles and maintains Personnel, Trustee, and Friends’ Manuals for all staff and elected Trustees Board members and Friends Executive Board Members.

12. Oversees electronic LAN updates to Policy and Emergency Manuals and distributes hard copy updates to Personnel, Policy and Emergency Manuals at all workstations. 

13.  Acts as initial contact for the public, receiving and referring incoming calls and information on three telephone lines and one fax line, to appropriate department or staff person. Oversees “outgoing message” and transcription and dissemination of  “incoming messages” on departmental answering machine.  Posts holiday notices on answering machine and on public entrance doors. Responsible for distributing and maintaining Telephone Answering Schedules and Emergency Numbers to each telephone station.

14. Types or word processes all grant proposals seeking funding for enhanced library services, programs or facilities.  Coordinates Annual Report (ARIS) and State Aid to Public Libraries submittal to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners annually.

15. Contacts professional agencies, individuals, vendors and service organizations as directed or needed to obtain or disseminate information.

16. Performs, under supervision of Library Director, annual supply inventory for seven divisions, coordinating division spreadsheet requests and purchase orders. Reviews supply orders to ensure the most cost-efficient vendors are utilized while maintaining product quality.  Produces Common Supply order for divisions.  Maintains and follows through on all paperwork on orders for Library Department from initial ordering through warrant submission.  Checks all supply shipments for accuracy and completeness. Oversees final unpacking and storage of all supply shipments in the proper division storage area.

17. Oversees functionality and condition of all Office equipment and supplies for same:  fax machines; three photocopiers; typewriter; word processor; printers; answering machine; postal meter, and telephone units. Procures funds and maintains the postal meter.  Responsible for metering and mailing daily outgoing mail of department.  Performs minor troubleshooting on office equipment.  Responsible for contacting vendors for machine repair when necessary.  Maintains warranty documentation and instruction manuals for all equipment, insuring proper maintenance and function.

18. Maintains invoice, administrative office, personnel, Board and Association and back files in organized and accessible manner through daily filing, annual transfer and maintenance of alphabetical index.

19.  Attends monthly Staff Meetings. Records minutes for all monthly Staff Meetings, transcribing same for dissemination to staff.  Utilizes MS Front Page software to produce Staff Meeting Minutes on Staff Web Page.

20.  Processes, assembles, and posts all agendas, enclosures, notices and reports for  bi-weekly Board and special meetings.  Emails Boards that meeting mailings have been posted. Assists with the coordination of bulk and town-wide mailings as required for the Library Department, Library Board of Trustees and Friends of the J. V. Fletcher Library.

21.Responsible for overseeing the photo duplication of all library correspondence, reports and files.

22. Procures and maintains petty cash funds and oversees disbursements of same.  Receives, records and prepares deposits for cash/check donations, gifts and memorials, and restitution payments on an ongoing basis.  Prepares warrants and deposits for the Memorial Book and Gift Account and the Libray Restitution Account.  Posts warrants and deposits for the Memorial Book and Gift Account and the Libray Restitution Account. Reconciles weekly and monthly with Director, Assistant Director, Selectors, Acquisitions Coordinator and Town Accountant.


23. Processes any incoming Friends of the Library memberships, matching gift contributions, donations and invoices received on site, retaining a file record of all documents passed to the Friends’ Treasurer,  Membership Chair, and President.  Mails original invoices to the Treasurer to be paid by the Friends and maintains a copy for payment request tracking.  Mails original Membership forms to Membership Chair, or Friends’ Volunteer Coordinator if form indicates the donor is willing to volunteer. Mails copy of any matching gifts and donations to Friend’s President for acknowledgement. 

24.Responsible for the routine assignment and upkeep of staff mailboxes, weekly retrieval and filing of payroll checks in same, and dissemination of staff-wide correspondence as directed by supervisor.

25.Forwards Orientation Packets to candidates for elected Board of Trustees.

26.Receives complaints or requests for assistance and refers patron to appropriate Division Head, Assistant Director or Director.

27.Attends meetings and workshops relating to administrative, business, personnel or departmental procedures.

28.Ensures distribution of Leave Use Statement semi-annually to the staff and ensures reconciliation of same with both library personnel and the Town Payroll office.

29.Assists and instructs staff in software applications, i.e. Word, Excel, as well as office and business procedures. Develops and conducts administrative instructional workshops.

30.Performs other duties of a similar nature and complexity as requested by supervisor or Board.

31.With Assistant Director, performs weekly payroll input, executes weekly payroll, and prepares paysheets and leave accrual documentation.  Maintains payroll filing by warrant, summary and employee.

32.Oversees Volunteer and Senior Tax Volunteer Program for Library Department. Recruits, orients and monitors all volunteers. Assesses applications and distributes same to Division Heads for selection. Maintains all work logs, time sheets, correspondence and references for volunteer positions.  Tabulates service hours of volunteers for Director. Oversees termination and resignation process. Thanks and acknowledges volunteer support upon termination. Supervises and coordinates senior tax rebate volunteer program

33.E-mails Board of Trustees, Friends of the Library, Inc., Library Staff and Town Employees when necessary.  Maintains departmental email distribution lists and updates same.

34.Performs research, conducts studies and maintains statistics relating to administrative effectiveness, costs, usage and growth: maintains statistical data for usage of all photocopier machines (public and administration), and postal meter; collects Daily Circulation Statistics and organizes into a spreadsheet for Director; collects and prepares data collection results from all divisions on both monthly and quarterly basis for Director and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

35.Collects daily and records Friend’s Revenue and Library Restitution Funds at each public desk.         Maintains Excel spreadsheet with daily/monthly departmental revenue.

36.Receives, posts and files Library Latest on Staff Bulletin Board and in administrative files.

37. Responsible for routine back-up and maintenance of divisional personal computers. Responsible for divisional supplies, equipment and peripherals budgets.

38.May have first-response responsibility for the staff, facility and public in the absence of a Buildng Supervisor, Maintains up-to-the minute LAN Personnel and Meeting Room calendars.

39.Based on need,  is  required to work flexible hours.

Required Experience, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
ALL CANDIDATES ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE A SKILLS TEST UPON APPLICATION. Must possess a pleasant, positive and informed manner with the public. Must be knowledgeable in dealing with municipal departments, vendors, business representatives, local, regional and state officials.  Ability to work independently and accurately in an organized and efficient system and in concert with organizational policies and goals.   Requires excellent problem-solving skills and decision-making skills.  

Education, Training, Special Licensure/Certification Requirements:
An Associate’s degree supplemented by business or commercial training with five years prior experience in an automated office or library environment.  Proficiency in accounting, payroll and warrant production, word processing, typing, dictation and shorthand transcription.  Working knowledge of business protocol and library procedures.  Proficiency utilizing MS Excel for spreadsheet applications; MS Word for word processing applications.  Experience utilizing MS Front Page and MS Publisher. Ability to learn and adapt to new business and Municipal software and hardware.

Contacts (boards & committees, vendors, general public, etc.):
Frequent contact with other town departments, boards and governmental agencies as required. Extensive contact with library patrons and staff, and frequent contact with vendors, network, regions and other town departments. 

Supervisory Responsibility (Include Positions Supervised):
Works under the direction of the Library Director or his/her designee. Supervises the VOLUNTEER and SENIOR TAX VOLUNTEER PROGRAM for entire Library Department. Has access to CORI information on volunteers. Unusual situations referred to supervisor.  Work involves varied and routine duties requiring  the exercise of significant independent judgment and initiative but within established procedures. Has access to department related confidential information.  Frequent contact with other town departments, boards and governmental agencies as required.  Has access to department related confidential information involving personnel and confidential patron information protected under MGL Ch. 78. Errors could result in loss of funds, confusion, delay, administrative problems, technological problems, adverse public relations.

Responsibility for Operating Budget:
Responsible for judicious expenditure of all departmental supply budgets, and all equipment, vehicular and facility maintenance budgets. Oversees all supply, maintenance and repair logs. Oversees all administrative equipment, bids, contracts and fiscal schedules. Oversees submittal, approval and execution of all purchase orders. Oversees successful Volunteer Program and cost value of donated personnel hours. 

Primary Physical Requirements:
Ability to operate and view a computer screen for extended periods of time. Depth, color, peripheral, and distance vision routinely required.  Regular lifting up to 25 pounds. Manual use of typewriter, telephone, postage meter; calculator, Dictaphone, copying and facsimile machines.  Ability to hear, talk, walk, sit, bend, reach, grasp.  Occasional need to climb, balance, stoop, kneel, or crouch.

*Use F for Frequently,  O for Occasionally,  R for Rarely,  N for Never

Primary Physical Requirements

Other Physical Considerations



LIFT up to 10 lbs.:  F

Twisting:  O

LIFT 10 to 50 lbs.:  O

Bending:  O

LIFT over 50 lbs.:  N

Squatting:  O  


Kneeling:  O  

CARRY up to 10 lbs.:  F

Crouching:  O

CARRY 10 to 50 lbs.:  R

Keyboarding  F

Repeated wrist rotations; repeated reaching, grasping, and clutching  F


CARRY over 50 lbs.:  N









             DURING AN 8 HOUR DAY,



Desktop/Computer Table

  Consecutive Hours                  Total Hours      

Stationary & Rolling Office Chair

Sit:        1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8                1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Carpeted & Linoleum Floored Offices

Stand:    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8               1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Stairs and Elevators

Walk:    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8               1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8



Summary of Occupational Exposures:  
Work is performed indoors under general office conditions.  Noise fluctuates from low to loud depending upon the volume of patrons utilizing library collections and equipment, attendance at library programmatic offerings and age of patrons within the facility. In lieu of Building Supervisor, is responsible for overseeing and ensuring safety of self, employees and the general public.



Inside:          99%            Outside:           1%






Department Head





Town Manager





Union Steward, if applicable





Human Resources Director






Note:  The purpose of this job description is to provide an outline of the more significant work elements of the position and to organize and present the information in a standard manner.  It is not intended to describe all the elements of the work that may be performed by every individual in this classification, nor should it serve as the sole basis for Human Resource decisions and actions.