UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

                                               CAMPUS: Amherst


                                               JOB DESCRIPTION


OFFICIAL TITLE:  This is the official title of the position.

Librarian I or II

FUNCTIONAL TITLE:  This is the in-house title by which the position may be known.  A functional title is usually a more descriptive title than the official title and may be required to identify very specific kinds of work.  This title may be used in signing all correspondence.

Metadata Catalog Librarian

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Please provide a brief overview of the general functions of this position.  Specific details of duties should be reserved for the Examples of Duties section.)

Catalog materials in a variety of formats, with emphasis on electronic and visual resources.  Actively participates in the library¬ís research and development efforts and in discussions relating to access, retrieval, management, and preservation of objects in digital library systems.   Advise on the application of appropriate current and emerging metadata schema to facilitate access to electronic resources and other collections.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED:  Please indicate the title, but not the name, of the administrative employee or employees responsible for supervision or direction of work; describe the divergent extents of authority of each, indicating the degree, priorities, and relationships of the supervision or direction, which could range from close supervision to supervision with considerable freedom.

Work under the general supervision of the

SUPERVISION EXERCISED:  Using descriptive non-numerical terms, identify the scope of supervision, training or direction exercised (i.e., whether the supervision is over a few employees, a small number of employees, a large number of employees, etc.); also, describe the degree of supervision, indicating whether close supervision or general direction is involved, and categorize the physical conditions under which the supervision is given, such as in a laboratory or an office.  Supervision of student employees should not be included in this section, but may be listed under Examples of Duties, if applicable.


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:  Please list and briefly describe several of the duties and responsibilities typically performed and assumed in this position.  This list should not be restrictive but should be descriptive in such a manner as to provide concrete information representing examples of the actual work as well as the level of responsibility for the work being performed.

1.     Catalog materials in a variety of formats, including but not limited to electronic resources, slides, digital objects, audio-visual and print resources.   Prepare original bibliographic and authority records as appropriate.

2.     Use MARC and non-MARC metadata schema to organize and provide access to information resources across collections in the online catalog and any other tools beyond the Library catalog for which the Library is responsible, e.g., an institutional repository.

3.     Advise in the evaluation and selection of current and emerging metadata schema for the organization and presentation of electronic documents and other digital objects beyond the Library catalog for which the Library is responsible.

4.     Collaborate with other Library staff in developing strategies for organizing, presenting, and preserving the full range of electronic objects for which the Library is responsible.

5.     Identify, create, and maintain documentation on best practices for creating and preserving digital objects and applying metadata schemas and authority controls.

6.     Perform other related duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Please indicate in a general way the knowledge, abilities, skills, education and experience necessary for any individual to assume this position.  It is not the objective of this section to list any one person's specific personal traits and training.  It is important to indicate, also, what degree of competence would be required (i.e., considerable education, extensive experience, working knowledge, etc.) to perform the duties and assume the responsibilities typical of this position.

1.     Master¬ís degree in Library Science from an American Library Association accredited library and information studies program.  MLS must be earned by time of hire.

2.     Thorough knowledge of AACR2 2nd ed. rev., Library of Congress Subject Headings, MARC 21 format, and the OCLC cataloging system.

3.     Experience with one or more of the following metadata standards: Dublin Core, METS/MODS, OpenURL, OAI-PMH, EAD, XML, TEI, or others. 

4.     Experience with creation and/or management of digital objects in various text, image, sound, and/or video formats.

5.     Knowledge of how digital library collections and electronic objects are used in an academic setting.

6.     Knowledge of integrated library system functionality pertaining to cataloging.

7.     Knowledge of digital asset management systems, such as Dspace, CONTENTdm, etc.

8.     Strong commitment to excellent service and the ability to interact effectively and work productively and collaboratively with a wide variety of library staff and users.


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