OFFICIAL TITLE:  This is the official title of the position:  Librarian II or III

FUNCTIONAL TITLE:  This is the in-house title by which the position may be known.  A functional title is usually a more descriptive title than the official title and may be required to identify very specific kinds of work.  This title may be used in signing all correspondence.


GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Please provide a brief overview of the general functions of this position.  Specific details of duties should be reserved for the Examples of Duties section.)

Assist in the cataloging of the resources of the University Library, with emphasis on the original cataloging of materials in specific language could go here.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED:  Please indicate the title, but not the name, of the administrative employee or employees responsible for supervision or direction of work; describe the divergent extents of authority of each, indicating the degree, priorities, and relationships of the supervision or direction, which could range from close supervision to supervision with considerable freedom.

Work under the general supervision of the

SUPERVISION EXERCISED:  Using descriptive non-numerical terms, identify the scope of supervision, training or direction exercised (i.e., whether the supervision is over a few employees, a small number of employees, a large number of employees, etc.); also, describe the degree of supervision, indicating whether close supervision or general direction is involved, and categorize the physical conditions under which the supervision is given, such as in a laboratory or an office.  Supervision of student employees should not be included in this section, but may be listed under Examples of Duties, if applicable.

Exercise working supervision over a few classified staff members engaged in the performance of assigned duties in the Cataloging Department, as required.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:  Please list and briefly describe several of the duties and responsibilities typically performed and assumed in this position.  This list should not be restrictive but should be descriptive in such a manner as to provide concrete information representing examples of the actual work as well as the level of responsibility for the work being performed.

1.    Catalog monographs and serials requiring original cataloging or having OCLC member input copy available.

2.    Assist in developing library resources through applying specialized knowledge to the cataloging of library materials in modern European languages.

3.    Provide training, orientation and supervision for classified staff members as required.

4.    Assist in the performance of special bibliographic projects as assigned.

5.    Assist in the maintenance of the on-line public access catalog.

6.    Perform other duties as assigned.

7.   May be asked to represent the Library at appropriate, selected professional meetings and

QUALIFICATIONS:  Please indicate in a general way the knowledge, abilities, skills, education and experience necessary for any individual to assume this position.  It is not the objective of this section to list any one person's specific personal traits and training.  It is important to indicate, also, what degree of competence would be required (i.e., considerable education, extensive experience, working knowledge, etc.) to perform the duties and assume the responsibilities typical of this position.

1.   Master¬ís degree in library science from an American Library Association-accredited library and information studies program.

2.          Minimum of 2 years of experience in this or a comparable research library, including relevant   cataloging experience.

3.    Proficient in reading specific language could go here.

4.    Comprehensive knowledge of AACR2 cataloging rules and demonstrated successful experience in
       applying them.

5.    Demonstrated ability to effectively plan and supervise the work of others.

6.    Thorough knowledge of LC classification and subject headings, and OCLC/MARC II format.

7.    Reading knowledge of an additional modern European language highly desirable.

8.    Thorough knowledge of automated cataloging systems and bibliographic utilities,
      particularly OCLC, highly desirable.

9.    Experience in using could add the name of the ILS you use integrated on-line library system desirable.


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