Graves Memorial Library

Library Director


STATUS:   FULL        Part Time

DATE PREPARED:       February 28, 2006         HRS WORKED PER WK:     37.5

APPOINTED BY:  Library Trustees     Scheduled Work Hours:          Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm



Directs and supervises all aspects of library operation in accordance with established policies, including services, staff, budget, planning, programming and grant management.


Sunderland Public Library Board of Trustees


Head of Adult Services; Head of Youth Services; Volunteers


DETAILED STATEMENT OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  Specific Key Elements/Tasks and Specialized Tasks to be Accomplished.

I.        Collection Management.

A.                 Manages collection development.

1.                 Evaluates collection needs on a continuing basis and selects additional material in accordance with library’s collection development policy.

2.                 Supervises processing of incoming material; provides cataloging information as needed.

3.                 Supervises barcoding and electronic entry of bibliographic records to C/W MARS database.

4.                 Evaluates donated material for inclusion in collection or donation to the “Friends” group in accordance with library’s collection development policy.

5.                 Supervises and assists with selection and transportation of material from the Western Massachusetts Regional Library System’s Bookmobile.

B.                 Supervises and manages current collection.

1.                 Performs systematic weeding of collection.

2.                 Supervises deaccessioning of materials.

3.                 Supervises and participates in shelving and shelf reading.

4.                 Supervises execution of overdue material procedures.

5.                 Supervises and participates in mending damaged material.

II.       Circulation Services.

A.                 Schedules staffing of circulation desk.

B.                 Evaluates circulation policy and procedures for effectiveness and suitability.

C.                Staffs circulation desk.

1.                 Checks out/in library materials.

2.                 Shelves and shelf-reads library materials.

3.                 Processes reserve/hold/ILL requests.

4.                 Provides reference services (by telephone and in person).

5.                 Answers telephone queries.

6.                 Monitors use of the library.

7.                 Records patron usage statistics.

8.                 Handles patron complaints.

9.                 Assists patrons in using library technology.  (Example: automated “card catalog,” the Internet, word processing software)

10.            Assists patrons in locating library materials.

11.            Registers new patrons.

12.            Collects and records copier/fax fees.

13.            Collects and records monetary donations.

14.            Informs patrons of and enforces library policies.

15.            Supervises/trains volunteers.

16.            Opens/closes the library facility as required.

D.                Provides reader’s advisory.

E.                 Maintains book displays.

III.      Programs.

A.                 Supervises and/or plans programs for children.  (Example: Preschool story/craft time, Summer Reading Program)

B.                 Supervises and/or plans programs for young adults. 

C.                Supervises and/or plans programs for adults.  (Example: reading/ discussion program)

D.                Pursues grant funding for programs.

IV.      Personnel Administration.

A.                 Hires, trains and supervises library staff.

B.                 Conducts annual appraisal of library staff.

C.                Communicates changes in practices and/or policies to staff.

D.                Evaluates accuracy of position descriptions and appropriateness of weekly hours allocated for each.

E.                 Recruits, screens, trains and/or supervises training of library volunteers.

F.                 Participates in educational and informational programs and other activities offered by the Western Massachusetts Regional Library System.

G.                Attends and participates in meetings of local and regional library organizations.  (Example: Massachusetts Library Association, New England Library Association)

V.       Planning.

A.                 Plans library services.

1.                 Evaluates effectiveness of library service.

2.                 Identifies needs and problems of library service.

3.                 Develops short and long range plans for continuing development of library services in relation to changing needs of the community.

B.                 Evaluates physical plant.

1.                 Advises Board of Trustees on suitability of library building.

2.                 Alerts Board of Trustees to building maintenance needs.

C.                Evaluates funding levels.

1.                 Advises Board of Trustees on short and long range funding needs.

2.                 Participates in efforts to meet funding needs.

VI.      Policy.

A.                 Interprets current library policy.

B.                 Makes new policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

C.                Recommends policy revisions as needed.

D.                Supervises and educates staff in current library policy.

VII.     Public Relations.

A.                 Promotes public awareness of library services.

1.                 Writes press releases and public service announcements to publicize special programs and general library services.

2.                 Participates in the production of The SunderLender, the library’s newsletter.

3.                 Conducts library tours for interested groups.

B.                 Encourages community use and support of the library.

1.                 Represents the library at municipal, civic and other group meetings regarding the objectives and activities of the library.

2.                 Informs the “Friends” group of library needs.

VIII.    Fiscal Development and Control.

A.                 Pursues funding to support library operations from municipal, state, federal and other sources.

1.                 Prepares and presents recommendations for budget requests (wages and expenses) from the Town of Sunderland to the Board of Trustees.

2.                 Completes forms as required to be eligible for state grant funds for libraries (LIG/MEG/NRC).

3.                 Researches and applies for grants from state, federal or other sources to supplement library budget (dependent upon availability of external funds and the ability of library to meet funding requirements).

a.                 Writes grant applications.

b.                 Manages activities and acquisitions for successful proposals.

c.                  Writes and submits grant progress reports to appropriate agencies as required.

B.                 Manages municipal budget allocations, grant money, endowment fund interest income and gifts.

1.                 Prepares bills for Town Accountant to pay vendors.

2.                 Prepares payroll form for submission to Town Accountant.

3.                 Keeps track of status of library finances.

C.                Accounts for and processes cash received directly by the library.

1.                 Prepares copier/fax fees for deposit to Town Treasurer.

2.                 Prepares monetary gifts for deposit to Town Treasurer.

IX.      Board of Trustees.

A.                 Writes monthly Librarian’s Report to appraise Board of library statistics and activities.

B.                 Produces packet of material prior to each Board meeting which contains minutes of previous meeting, agenda, Librarian’s Report and other information.

C.                Attends Board meetings.

D.                Keeps Board informed of current problems, issues and developments relating to library service.

E.                 Advises Board in library matters requiring Board action or involvement.

F.                 Attends meetings of Board subcommittees as needed.

G.                Meets bi-weekly with Board Chair to present bills and payroll for signing.

X.       Other duties as required.


QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED AT HIRE (List knowledge, skills, abilities and physical requirements)


ALA-accredited Master of Library Science degree or equivalent certification by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Light, physical effort may be required in performing typical library functions such as carrying and shelving books.  Also, frequent standing, walking, bending, reaching and climbing are requirements of this job.

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