Health Science Library


Employee                                                                       Date                                       


Position              Librarian/ CME Coordinator                                       Dept:  IS/ Library



Results to be Expected

Actual Performance

Sets appropriate department goals and formulates and implements policies.

Reviews short & long-term goals with supervisor and annually revises department policies.


Manages departmental resources effectively.

Budgets appropriately and keeps collection of materials current  and accessible using professional resources.


Participates in TQM/ CQI measures.

Conducts annual surveys and facilitates ongoing needs assessment for Library and CME activities.  Evaluates results and implements change when warranted.


Manages document delivery services.

Tracks and monitors ILL delivery for timeliness and copyright compliance.  Delivers materials promptly.


Maintains required professional activities necessary for library function.

Participates in library consortia meetings, memberships, and educational activities as defined in consortia by-laws.


Effectively answers reference questions for patients & staff, and provides appropriate materials for educational inservices when requested.

Tracks reference question data and tabulates monthly statistics. Maintains multiple online resources to locate information.


Designs and implements Library and IS Web Sites.

Keeps links current and updates content when needed.  Solicits input from staff for improvements and additions via needs assessment.


Manages hospital-wide audiovisual services.

Designs AV productions and videotapes educational activities. Troubleshoots equipment.  Develops appropriate policy.



Effectively coordinates CME activities.

Manages Grand Rounds efficiently.  Maintains directory information on drug vendors and issues CME credits to physicians annually or when requested.  Participates in MELC meetings.  Attends MMS activities for CME Coordinators.


Supervises staff.

Recruits, hires and trains new staff.  Evaluates staff in a timely manner.


Collaborates with other departments to meet information needs of patients and staff.

Serves on the Patient Family Teaching Committee and attends Nursing Ed. meetings when requested.  Serves on the Medical Education Library Committee.