Reuben Hoar Library, Littleton



JOB TITLE:  Senior Library Technician XE "Senior Library Technician"            JOB GRADE: x


                                                           MINIMUM     MAXIMUM





CATEGORY:  Technical


                    Work relating to the circulation of library books and materials and to assisting patrons with location and use of library resources; all other related work as required.



Works under the general direction of a Senior Librarian.

Performs varied duties which require use of  judgment and constant attention to detail and accuracy.

Makes constant contact with the public.

Access to confidential records.

Errors could result in financial loss or delay or lower level of library service.

Light and occasional moderate physical effort required in performing duties including carrying books

Duties may be shared by two or more persons in the position.




        1. Responsible for library operations during evening or weekend hours when he/she is senior staff
  member on duty; includes working with automation providers to solve problems.

        2. Responsible for Circulation Department when Senior Librarian  is absent

        3. Trains Library Technicians

        4. Supervises and trains pages.

        5. Insures that opening and closing procedures are performed properly (see job description for
  Library Technician).


         1. Works at circulation desks when scheduled.

          a. Circulates and checks in materials for patrons

          b. Registers new borrowers

          c. Telephones patrons about reserves and Interlibrary Loans.

          d. Schedules Meeting Room, display case and passes

          e. Shelves when Page is not available

          f. Deals with incoming telephone calls

         g. Places holds for materials desired by patrons.

         h. Takes interlibrary loan requests and ensures accuracy of request.

         2. Prepares overdue notices, collects moneys due.

         3. Supervises recording of daily statistics.

         4. Reads shelves and supervises both paid and volunteer shelf readers.

Interlibrary Loan

        1. Prepares, transmits, receives and fills ILL requests.

        2. Processes incoming and outgoing ILL materials.


       1. Helps patrons with  reference questions and refers more difficult reference questions to Senior

        2. Provides readers' advisory service.

        3. Assists patrons with use of public access catalog and CD ROM databases.

        4. Helps prepare bibliographies.

Technical Services

        1.  Mends worn materials and prepares badly damaged materials for bindery.

        2. Assists in processing of new materials, and deposit collections  including entering standard 
  data in library consortium database.

Work with Serials

         1. Supervises arrangement of magazine and newspaper shelves and keeps them in order.

         2. Discards old periodicals according to schedule and maintains current periodical lists.

         3. Submits claims about subscription problems to jobber.

         4. Checks in and catalogs periodicals as necessary.

 Public Relations

         1. May prepare articles for Reuben's Notes and/or newspaper.

         2. Maintains museum bulletin boards.

Special Collections

         1. Maintains local history and genealogy collection.

         2. Assists patrons with use of  special collections.


        1. May sort and prepare mail.

        2. Maintains a clean and orderly circulation desk area, including: keeping a supply of pencils, pencil
  sharpener,  pads stamps, and pamphlets distributed to patrons.

       3. Makes minor repairs and adjustments to furniture and equipment (including public copier).

       4. Supervises maintenance of  museum brochure files and Friends book sale area.

       5. Recommends materials for purchase.

       6. Attends workshops to continue education.

       7. May help with preparation of bulletin boards, special programs and craft

      8. Represent the Library at Merrimack Valley Library Consortium Interlibrary Loan                 
          Committee meetings.

      9. May assist with summer reading program.

     10.Other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience


         Two or more years of college, at least two years of practical library experience  and participation in in-service training, or: high school education, at least four years of practical library experience and  participation in in-service training. Some typing ability and willingness to learn use of electronic XE "Materials:electronic"  memory typewriter and computers.

 Knowledge, Ability and Skill

          Working knowledge of library procedures including Dewey Decimal System. Knowledge of  books, authors and titles. Ability to deal with the public, especially children, in a courteous and tactful manner. Ability to understand and follow instructions and to work independently when required. Skill in keyboarding and in use of personal computer and other standard office machines.

From Dictionary of Occupational Titles:


100.367-018 LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASSISTANT (library) alternate titles: library assistant; library technician

          Provides information service, such as answering questions regarding card catalogs, and assists public in use of bibliographic tools, such as Library of Congress catalog: Performs routine descriptive cataloging, such as fiction and children's literature. Files cards in catalog drawers according to system used. Answers routine inquiries, and refers persons requiring professional assistance to LIBRARIAN (library). Verifies bibliographic information on order requests. Directs activities of workers in maintenance of stacks or in section of department or division, such as ordering or receiving section of acquisitions department, card preparation activities in catalog department, or limited loan or reserve desk operation of circulation department.
GOE: 11.02.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77"


Physical Demands: Strength = Light (2 on a scale of 1 to 5)


GED: Reasoning = 4 ( on a scale of 1 to 6)    Same level as  Dispatcher
Mathematical = 3 (on a scale of 1 to 6)   "         "    "   Police Chief                                            Language =  3  (on a scale of 1 to 6)      "         "    "    Police Aide, Administrative Clerk     

Specific Vocational Preparation: Over 6 mos. up to and including 1 year

          From MA Board of Library Commissioners FY1998 Annual Report Information Survey Instructions, Definitions for Position Classifications, pg. 12:

          Library Associates-Senior Library Technicians - Perform more complex

          circulation, processing, or public service duties (not general clerical work) under

          professional supervision.  Often has supervisory responsibility for subordinate