Reuben Hoar Library, Littleton






JOB TITLE: Senior Librarian XE "Senior Librarian"         JOB GRADE: x


SALARY RANGE:                            MINIMUM           MAXIMUM






CATEGORY: Professional


Administrative,  professional and supervisory  work in planning and directing activities of reference, children's, young adults, and readers advisory services in the public library; all other related work as required.


Works under the direction of the Library Director and under the policies established by the Board of Library Trustees.

Performs professional library duties of a responsible nature involving considerable judgment and requiring detail and accuracy in providing services to the public.

In the absence of the Library Director, may supervise all employees.

Makes constant contacts with the public including children, young adults, teachers, and volunteers. 

Has access to confidential records.

Errors could result in lower standards of library services, financial loss, and waste of public funds or misuse of volunteer time.

Light and occasional moderate physical effort required in performing duties including carrying and shelving books under typical library conditions.


Any given  Senior Librarian may not perform all of these duties.




          1. Recommends department and library policies and programs to Director and trustees.

          2. Administers library in absence of director, including submission of bills and payroll records and
    cooperation with automation providers.

          3.       Supervises  Library Technicians and Senior Library Technicians.

          4.       Supervises volunteers.

          5.      Works with automation providers to remedy system problems.

          6.       May approve work schedule for staff and volunteers.

          7.       May supervise maintenance of copy and FAX machines (staff and public).

          8.       May administer procurement and distribution of Federal and State tax forms.

          9.       May represent the Library at  meetings of Merrimack Valley Library Consortium



          1.      Provides reference service to patrons .

          2.      Provides readers' advisory service.

          3.      Trains Library Technicians in use of reference materials.

          4.      Determines when to refer questions to regional staff; maintains active liaison with
         Northeastern Massachusetts Regional reference staff.

          5.     Explores and recommends new technology for use in the reference department Trains
        staff on same when acquired.

          6.     Teaches use of the computerized catalog and other reference tools to patrons, individually
         and in groups.

          7.     Prepares reserve collections for school projects.


Technical Services


          1.     Trains staff in cataloging and processing.

          2.     Catalogs on automated system using MARC tags.

          3.     Uses a variety of computers and systems and trains staff in their use.

          4.     Classifies and catalogs and determines processing methods for all new media items
        (records, audio cassettes. video cassettes, CD's, multi-media kits, etc.).

          5.    Supervises entry of new periodicals on computer database and trains assistants in this

          6.    Orders materials.


Collection Development


           1. As a member of the collection development team, helps plan, develop, and maintain
    collection of materials  using standard review sources and considering patron requests.

           2. With collection development team, weeds collection, and supervises discarding of
     unnecessary materials.

           3. Assists the Director in formulation of collection development  policies and programs.

           4. Determines suitability of gift materials for collection.

           5. Helps choose deposit collections from regional collection.


           1. Plans and participates in programs for children,  teenagers and adults coordinating with other
     community groups and volunteers.

           2. Plans and helps conduct  summer reading programs.

           3. Ensures appropriate publicity for department programs.   


           1. Supervises overdue notification and letters,  prepares fine tickets, collects moneys due.

           2. Supervises, maintains and analyzes daily and monthly statistics.

           3. Through signs and notices ensures that library users are informed about library hours of 

           4. Supervises reserve materials and ILL procedures including items for purchase.



            1.  Works at circulation desk when necessary.  

            2.   Attends regional and professional association meetings and workshops
to further skills and continue professional education.

           3.  May back up  computer files.

           4.  Produces computer reports as necessary.

           5. May supervise use and maintains condition of audiovisual equipment.

           6. May assure that audiovisual media is repaired.

            7. May make minor repairs to furniture and equipment.

           8. Other duties as assigned.




Education and Experience
Master of Library Science or equivalent.

Reuben Hoar Library staff hired prior to 09/1994 may have Bachelor's degree; three years of

professional library experience or any equivalent combination of education and experience. 


Knowledge, Ability and Skill

          Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of professional library work. Knowledge of reference resources and the organization and management of library operations.   Thorough knowledge of books, related materials and appropriate techniques and specialized skills involved in serving patron groups.  Demonstrated administrative ability. Ability to carry out town and library policies. Ability to relate to public. Understands descriptive cataloging using AACR II and ISBD  and classification and subject heading using DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION,  LIBRARY OF CONGRESS SUBJECT HEADINGS, cataloguing in publication, and MARC records. Ability to relate well to people of all ages. Ability to express oneself orally and in writing. Working knowledge of computerized library systems. Ability to use personal computer for spread sheets and word processing.  Flexibility, initiative, creativity, energy, patience and tact.  Ability to work independently and as a team member.



From Dictionary of Occupational Titles:


"100.127-014 LIBRARIAN (library)

Maintains library collections of books, serial publications, documents, audiovisual, and other materials, and assists groups and individuals in locating and obtaining materials: Furnishes information on library activities, facilities, rules, and services. Explains and assists in use of reference sources, such as card or book catalog or book and periodical indexes to locate information. Describes or demonstrates procedures for searching catalog files. Searches catalog files and shelves to locate information. Issues and receives materials for circulation or for use in library. Assembles and arranges displays of books and other library materials. Maintains reference and circulation materials. Answers correspondence on special reference subjects. May compile list of library materials according to subject or interests, using computer. May select, order, catalog, and classify materials . May prepare or assist in preparation of budget. May plan and direct or carry out special projects involving library promotion and outreach activity and be designated Outreach Librarian (library). May be designated according to specialized function as Circulation Librarian (library); Readers'-Advisory-Service Librarian (library); or Reference Librarian (library).
GOE: 11.02.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 81 "


Physical Demands: Strength = Light (2 on a scale of 1 to 5)


GED: Reasoning = 5 ( on a scale of 1 to 6)    Same level as a City Manager or Police Chief

         Mathematical = 3 (on a scale of 1 to 6) Same level as a City Manager or Police Chief

         Language = 4 (both are the same)  Same level as a Police Chief          


From MA Board of Library Commissioners FY1998 Annual Report Information Survey Instructions, Definitions for Position Classifications, pg. 12:


          Senior Librarians - Librarians, typically at the department head level, who may have supervisory responsibility for other professional librarians.