Reuben Hoar Library, Littleton




JOB TITLE: Administrative Assistant XE "Administrative Assistant"


SALARY RANGE:                          MINIMUM       MAXIMUM










Administrative  work assisting the Library Director in conducting the activities of a public library; all other related work as required.




Works under the direction of the Library Director.


Performs detailed administrative, secretarial, and technological duties of a responsible nature involving the administration of the library.


Makes frequent contacts with other town departments.


Has access to department oriented confidential information.


Errors could result in waste of public funds,  misuse of personnel and lower standards of library service for town.


Light  physical effort required in performing duties.




1. Responsible for staff scheduling.


2. Prepares payroll for approval.


3. Acts as a liaison with Town personnel office for staff members.


4. Responsible for keeping track of library purchases--purchase orders, invoices, funds
   encumbered, accounts payable, shipments received, returns, credits.


5. Enters invoices in town financial system for payment.  Prepares warrant for payments
    from Town, Trust and Grant funds.


6. Drafts letters, grant applications, publicity and reports for Library staff.


7. Inventories, orders and maintains appropriate quantities of  office and library supplies.


8. Orders library materials by mail, fax and telephone.


9. Develops and maintains Library web site.     


10.Assists Library Director in arranging library sponsored programs.


11.Maintains file of items on order.


12.Maintains database of periodical subscriptions.


13.Maintains database of  titles on continuation.


14.Maintains file of catalogs for materials, supplies and equipment.


15.Sorts and distributes the mail.


16.Maintains community bulletin board.


17.Designs and prints signs informing patrons of library hours,  programs and rules.


18.Counts, records and transmits moneys collected for fax use and fines to the Town Treasurer on a  monthly basis.


19.Makes copies and sends faxes for staff, Library Director and Trustee Meetings.


20.Maintains file of minutes of Littleton Boards and Commissions.


21.Assures that equipment -- computers, printers, typewriters, fax, copiers, etc.-- are in
    working order.  Is trained to be the first responder when equipment malfunctions. Calls
    for repairs when necessary.


22.Takes responsibility for continuing development of job skills.


22.Perform other tasks as assigned.





Education and Experience

 High school education, minimum of two years' office experience


Knowledge, Ability and Skill

Skill in use of personal computer for spreadsheets, databases, web site design and word processing;  Experience using fax and copier.  Ability to express oneself in writing and on the telephone. Ability to relate well to people.  Ability to work independently.  Ability to understand, interpret and follow instructions.    Knowledge of office procedures and ability to adapt them in a library situation.  Ability to recommend changes and improvements. Ability to learn how to troubleshoot equipment failures.



From Dictionary of Occupational Titles:


"169.167-010 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (any industry) alternate titles: administrative analyst; administrative officer

Aids executive in staff capacity by coordinating office services, such as personnel, budget preparation and control, housekeeping, records control, and special management studies: Studies management methods in order to improve workflow, simplify reporting procedures, or implement cost reductions. Analyzes unit operating practices, such as recordkeeping systems, forms control, office layout, suggestion systems, personnel and budgetary requirements, and performance standards to create new systems or revise established procedures. Analyzes jobs to delimit position responsibilities for use in wage and salary adjustments, promotions, and evaluation of workflow. Studies methods of improving work measurements or performance standards. Coordinates collection and preparation of operating reports, such as time-and-attendance records, terminations, new hires, transfers, budget expenditures, and statistical records of performance data. Prepares reports including conclusions and recommendations for solution of administrative problems. Issues and interprets operating policies. Reviews and answers correspondence. May assist in preparation of budget needs and annual reports of organization. May interview job applicants, conduct orientation of new employees, and plan training programs. May direct services, such as maintenance, repair, supplies, mail, and files. May compile, store, and retrieve management data, using computer.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 88 "



Physical Demands: Strength = Sedentary  (1 on a scale of 1 to 5)


GED: Reasoning = 5 ( on a scale of 1 to 6)  Same level as a City Manager or Police Chief

        Mathematical = 3 (on a scale of 1 to 6) Same level as a City Manager or Police Chief

        Language = 5  (both are the same) Same level as a City Manager,Police Chief is a 4        

 From MA Board of Library Commissioners FY1998 Annual Report Information Survey Instructions, Definitions for Position Classifications, pg. 12:


Administrative Assistant - May include a variety of job titles such as Director's  Secretary or Assistant to the Director.  May have more    administrative responsibility than typical clerical positions, but not the professional or managerial responsibilities associated with the Assistant Director, Senior Librarian, or Staff Librarian Classification.