Athol Public Library



The Assistant Director of the Athol Public Library is a professional supervisory position, with limited supervision from the Director.  The position involves assisting the Director with planning, implementing, and managing library services in accordance with established principles and policies of library operation, local policies and procedures, and pertinent local, statewide, and national laws, regulations, and practices.  In consultation with the Director, the Assistant Director is particularly responsible for managing the cataloging and circulation functions, for delivering for overseeing and providing reference services, for training and supervising staff, and for day-to-day management of the library. S/he also serves as Acting Director in the Director’s absence.


The Assistant Director serves under the supervision of the Director and performs duties independently in line with established policies.  The position requires the ability to exercise judgment, to interpret policies, to make decisions, and to maintain contact with the public, the Library Board of Trustees, and public officials in consultation with the Director and/or in the Director’s absence.


1.   Staff/volunteers:

A.  Supervises and assists full- and part-time employees and volunteers, interpreting policies, establishing and implementing procedures, assigning duties, and monitoring performance. 

B.   Trains new employees in library policies, proper procedures, and monitors their progress. 

C.  Prepares staff schedule ensuring adequate coverage of library hours.

D.  Assists the Director with recruitment, evaluation, selection, and hiring of new employees.

2.  Computers, Equipment:

A.  Organizes and delivers basic computer instruction classes in the library’s mobile computer lab.  Develops curriculum and produces publicity.

B.   Maintains, troubleshoots, and repairs library computers, computer programs and resources, and audiovisual equipment in conjunction with the library computer technician. 

C.  Trains staff and assists public in the proper handling, care, and use of the computers, programs, and equipment. 

D.  Implements computer applications to improve library efficiency.

E.   In consultation with the Director, and with input from the staff, makes recommendations for the consideration of the Board of Trustees for the purchase and use of computer equipment and resources, along with suggestions for appropriate policies and procedures.

F.   Serves as the official liaison to C/W MARS.

3.   Programs, Planning:           

A.  Plans and implements programs and services, assessing community needs and desires in consultation with the Director. 

B.   Assists the Director and Board of Trustees in long-range planning and community relations. 

C.  Writes press releases and reports as necessary.

4.   Circulation, Reference, Public Service:

A.  Coordinates and oversees circulation procedures.  In consultation with the Director, and with input from the staff, makes recommendations for the consideration of the Board of Trustees for appropriate policies and procedures.

B.  Establishes and implements training procedures for new employees.

C.  Researches and provides authoritative answers to reference questions, maintaining confidentiality of patrons’ requests.  Supervises use of library equipment and computers by patrons.

5.   Building Maintenance:

A.  Trains new staff to open and close the building, to operate library security system, and to follow library policies for personal safety and security.

B.   Responds to building emergencies, taking appropriate action when necessary. 

C.  Oversees and makes arrangements for emergency clean-up, snow shoveling, minor repairs. 

D.  Regularly moves or arranges for moving heavy cartons of books and supplies, furniture, equipment.  Assembles or supervises assembly of furniture and equipment. 

E.   Contacts equipment repair providers, building maintenance contractors, and office supply vendors when appropriate.

6.   Library Materials:

A.  Oversees staff to ensure that accurate cataloging information for all library materials using AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloging Rules) and related library reference systems is being properly applied. 

B.   Manages technical aspects of processing library materials and services.

C.  Selects and orders purchase of library materials and services when appropriate.

7.   Other:

A.  Confers with Director regarding efficient operation of the library.  Informs the Director about personnel performance and patron services.  Makes suggestions for improving work and building conditions and public service.

B.   Meets and assists Board of Library Trustees, town officials, regional library personnel.

C.  Performs related work as required.


1.   Considerable knowledge of current library theory, policy, procedures, methods, practices, and

2.   Knowledge and competence in using library reference materials and media.

3.   Knowledge and competence in current library cataloging and circulation procedures.

4.   Considerable knowledge of or willingness to learn about up-to-date computer equipment,
 maintenance and repair techniques, operating systems, programs, and networks.  Ability to create
 and deliver instructional classes for basic computer software programs and database searching.

5.   Some mechanical ability and/or willingness to learn techniques for cleaning, maintaining, and
 operating audiovisual and other electronic equipment and computers.

6.   Ability to accomplish or to arrange for the accomplishment of physical tasks involving lifting and
 bending.  Ability to stand for long periods of time.

7.   Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with library patrons and employees,
 and various outside entities, such as news media, regional library staff, town officials.

8.   Good verbal and writing skills, to ensure effective communication with the public and the staff.

9.   Ability to assure staff responsibility for maintaining confidentiality of patron records and requests.

10. Good decision-making and leadership skills and the ability to think and respond quickly.

11. A temperament that is flexible, courteous, and tactful, capable of performing a variety of duties
 with good judgment and initiative, and capable of dealing appropriately with a wide spectrum of
 people in an atmosphere of sometimes noisy activity. 



1.   Master’s degree in library studies preferred.  Bachelor’s degree with library experience and MLS
 coursework will be considered, or any equivalent combination of education and experience
 demonstrating the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities in library operations.

2.   Supervisory experience.

3.   Coursework in cataloging and classification.

4.   Two years library employment.

Approved by the Board 21 April 1999

Revised 30 May 2004