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MLS Winter 2015 news

CORRECTION: In “Change is in the Air” a link to the recorded sessions of the Regional Resource Sharing Symposium was omitted. Please use this link: We apologize for the oversight.

Member Forum at Walden Woods in Lincoln – March 19 at 10-1

We invite you to our next MLS Member Forum on Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 10-1 at Walden Woods in Lincoln.

Join us for a discussion about what’s new at MLS.  We are also providing an opportunity for an intro for members who are not familiar with MLS.

Discussions will also focus on serving diverse patrons and inclusion.  How might MLS best empower libraries in this area?  Or, staff and Executive Board members will be available to discuss any other topics.


Focus: Diversity & Inclusion

10:00      Coffee & Registration

10:15       Welcome & Introductions

Welcome by Jeff Cramer, Curator of Collections, Walden Woods Project, The Thoreau Insititute at Walden Woods

10:30      Massachusetts Library System Updates

11:00       Breakout Discussion Groups (see details below)

New to MLS – Meet & Greet

Serving Diverse Patrons & Focus on Inclusion

Other: Topics can vary depending on group

11:30       Breakout Discussion Groups Switch

12:00      Highlights & Summary of Discussion Group Discussions

12:15       Library Tour (optional)

Registration and Directions

Breakout Discussion Groups:

Attendees will choose which group they would like to participate in, and then switch to another group after 30 minutes.

New to MLS – Meet & Greet: This breakout session will be offered once, and is intended for people who would like to learn more about MLS and its services. MLS staff will facilitate this discussion and answer any questions that come up.

Serving Diverse Patrons & Focus on Inclusion: This breakout session comes from members’ interest and questions revolving around diversity and inclusion. Discussion will include best practices and also how MLS may be able to help facilitate this type of need.  MLS staff, Millie Gonzalez (Framingham State, MLS Executive Board member) and Anna Fahey-Flynn (Boston Public Library, MLS Executive Board member) will facilitate.

Other: This breakout session will be an open discussion on what is on members’ minds and any questions they have related to MLS and its services.

At the end of the two Breakout Discussion times, we will come back together and highlight and summarize some of the key points from each group.




Sue Kaler is a RUSA – STARGazer

Did you know that Sue Kaler, MLS’s Interlibrary Loan Manager, is an active member of the American Library Association’s RUSA / STARS section?  RUSA is the Reference and User Services Association and STARS (Sharing and Transforming Access to Resources Section) is the particular group in RUSA that deals with Interlibrary Loan and other Resource Sharing matters.  Sue is currently working with colleagues to update the Interlibrary Loan Code of the United States.  She maintains a list of audio visual lenders on ShareILL, the ILL wiki, which is widely used by her ILL colleagues.  Sue was recently featured as a “STARGazer” on the ALA website.  The STARGazer page introduces active members of the ILL community to other interested parties. Read all about it HERE!