Announcing: New Community Engagement Success Story Blog

Dear Massachusetts Library System Members,

I’m pleased to announce the MLS Community Engagement Blog. This blog will feature creative library/community partnerships that have made a powerful impact on people’s lives and generated mutual benefit for both the library and community partner. Stay tuned for monthly or bi-monthly posts. If your library has a success story that you would like shared with the Massachusetts library community, please reach out to me at or (508) 357-2121 x305. I am looking forward to spreading word about all the outstanding library collaborations in the Commonwealth.

-Michelle Eberle, MLS Consultant

Seeds and Stories, Gaylord Library’s Seed Library

Interview with Criss Quigley, Director of Gaylord Memorial Library in South Hadley


What are your most popular seeds?

Tomato seeds and Hampshire College’s red pop corn

Do you circulate any other unusual items?

Seed sieves to be ordered […] We also lend book bags that our knitting group made from recycled materials as part of the Bagshare Project.

Where are your seeds listed?

What advice or interesting stories would you like to share with other librarians?

Outreach is important. For example, volunteers had a table at the Farmer’s Market, gave out packets of marigold seeds and made “seed bombs”. Our Seed Library volunteers meet periodically, and offer garden-related programming. A wheel barrow donated by Gaylord Friends was used as a raffle prize to raise funds.

Photos attached: Gaylord Seeds and Stories organizer Marie Rohan and volunteer Wendy Farley with raffle prizes, and some of the seed packets available.