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Working Groups - Call for Participation

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A year-long study of Massachusetts library delivery service was conducted in 2007-2008.  In October, the MBLC convened a discussion group and identified three recommendation areas that we can focus on immediately.  Three working groups have formed.  They have been composed to represent a range of users of delivery and will conclude their work by August, 1, 2009. 

The working groups will:

Investigate the establishment of a single, automated, central sort for all regions.
Charge: Working group will develop a detailed cost/benefit analysis (including costs to networks and libraries) and will perform a review of case studies in libraries and industry that will help identify successes and pitfalls and use this research to develop a report that examines costs related to a single automated central sort.
Convener: Greg Pronevitz, masslibsystem,

See Autosort Working Group Wiki for Updates

Develop offline standard delivery codes and labels.
Charge: Working group will present recommendations for alphanumeric labeling for the state, which takes into account feedback from all interest groups, including Virtual Catalog members; and looks at the size of labels needed for delivery. This group needs to recognize that libraries need the ability to automatically print standard routing labels.  The group should also investigate the need to package materials and develop a statewide standard on packaging and the elimination of the need to rubber band materials.
Convener:  Susan McAlister, MLN,

Assist libraries with efficiency and ergonomic issues.
Charge:  Group will develop a showcase of best practices that can be incorporated into a workshop.  In developing best practices, group should look at Lean principles.  Group should address:  guidelines for optimizing pull lists; proper labeling; optimization of workflow, e.g., reducing repetitive motions and double handling; optimization of delivery workspaces; equipment that is designed to reduce heavy lifting and bending by library staff.
Group convener: Carolyn Noah, CMRLS,

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