Goodnow Library in Sudbury welcomes new Children’s Librarian

The Goodnow Library is pleased to welcome new Children’s Librarian, Heather Wilkinson. She hails from Boxborough, where she has served as the first librarian officially appointed to head youth services in that library. As a youth services librarian for the Sargent Memorial Library, she has been responsible for the management of both the children’s and young adult collections. Over the past four years, she has implemented several new programs, including Book Clubs, Crafts, Kindergarten Social, and Story-times.

Acting as a liaison, she established several community partnerships, including successful outreach efforts with the local schools and family networks. She visited schools and performed classes on catalog instruction and summer reading programs. She has also collaborated with the school on fundraising programs, summer reading lists, research projects, and library tours.

Heather will begin working at the Goodnow on Monday, August 29.


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1 comment for “Goodnow Library in Sudbury welcomes new Children’s Librarian

  1. Susan Babb
    August 30, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    Welcome to Heather!

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