JOIN US IN GARDNER, MA! Video Conferencing!


OCTOBER 10, 10am to 12   

Contact: Diana Davis 866-627-7228

Have you “Skyped” or used Facetime yet? Videoconferencing in libraries provides alternative life-long learning opportunities, access to distance education, government information as well as health information. It can be especially useful in small library communities where long distances are needed to access information and learning opportunities for patrons and staff. Videoconferencing can be used for shared in-house training with other libraries, shared library programming (such as book clubs, workshops, information sessions), meetings, medical consultations, job interviews and much more. The possibilities are virtually endless for libraries willing to take on the challenge! MLS Technology Advisors Rick Levine, Tone Nunes and Diana Davis will facilitate this workshop.

This is a “hands-on” interactive workshop. You are welcome to bring your own laptop or tablet (with built-in camera); devices are available for all participants. Please indicate on the registration form if you are bringing your own device.

Levi Heywood Memorial Library
55 West Lynde St.
Gardner, MA 01440

Skype, GoTo meeting…Video Conferencing! Coming soon with improved fiber connections!


The link below will bring you to a great slideshare presenting the basics of Skype!

With fiber coming, Skype and other video conferencing software will become easier and more rewarding to use!  Enjoy!

Skype Basics, Tips and Features!

System Requirements for Skype:  System Requirements/Skype

GoTo Meeting Test Drive!

System Requirements for GoTo Meeting: System Requirements/GoTo Meeting

General Requirements:  A sense of fun, patience, face powder to reduce shine.  :)


Whately September 25 10-12
Gardner October 10 10-12
Lenox October 29 10-12

MBI Update, Next Steps!


MBI UPDATE:  Currently, the update from the MBI is that the newest “go-live” schedule will be updated at the beginning of August. There are not definitive dates at this time.  The Project and the build-out continue to be worked on by the MBI (installing equipment in the Community Anchor Institutions, working on the legal transfer of the Network, etc).  Please see their website and most recent newsletter:

If MBI/G4S or their sub-contractors have not visited your library and installed the MBI network equipment yet, please contact Christine Hatch, Outreach Manager MBI:

NEXT STEPS:  It is time to choose your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your public internet connections. 

C/W Mars clients:  Please contact CWMars for updates regarding your public computer connections.

Non-C/W Mars Libraries:  If you are not a C/W Mars member now is the time to make your decision about which ISP will suit your library needs.  Some libraries may have received word through their town officials about the choice of ISP.  Others can make those decisions individually.

Copies of your signed ISP contracts should be forwarded to MLS, so that we may assist you with payment in accordance with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and SLIN funds.

Please fax, scan and email, or mail your contract copies to:

Fax: 413-665-8877   Attn:  Shirley and Diana

Email: and cc:


Massachusetts Library System
Attn:  Shirley and Diana
PO Box 609
South Deerfield, MA 01373

Please contact us with any questions you may have!