Long Range & Strategic Planning Resources

Handouts from Strategic Planning Roundtables (Please contact MLS if you have any questions about these handouts, or other strategic planning questions.)

The Professional Collection can be searched for books on long range planning.

Some useful web sites:

Sample Long Range Plans

Public Libraries:
Abington Public Library (population 14,605)
Gleason Library, Carlisle (population 4,717)
Chicopee Public Library (population 54,428)
Langley Adams, Groveland (population 6,038)
Holmes Public Library, Halifax (population 7,500)
Newbury Town Library (population 6,717)
Forbes Library, Northampton (population 28,978)
Springfield City Library (population 152,082)
Shrewsbury Public Library (population 31,640)
Southborough Public Library FY2016-FY2020 (population 9,767)
Sunderland Public Library (population 3,777)
Wellesley Free Library (population 26,613)
Whitman Public Library (population 13,882)
Wilmington Memorial Library (population 21,363)
Winthrop Public Library and Museum (population 17,497)

Amesbury Public Schools
Danvers Public Schools
Falmouth Public Schools
Westwood Public Schools

Sample Surveys:

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School Libraries:
Sample Teacher survey
Sample Student survey

Recommended Survey Programs

We are here to help you plan!

The staff members of both the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and the Massachusetts Library System want to help you as you go through a long range planning process. The MBLC’s website has many resources. April Mazza, Reference Librarian at the MBLC, monitors long range plans and annual actions plans. Completed long range plans should be sent to Rachel Masse at the MBLC, with a print copy also sent to Rachel’s attention at: MBLC, 98 North Washington Street, Suite 401, Boston MA 02114.

The MLS Advisors will offer occasional workshops on long range planning, including geographically-located discussion sessions at which members can get together to share experiences, ask questions, and make progress on planning using the motivations and insights of your peers. MLS wants to be available to you by providing advice using email and phone, and offering to make one visit to each library relevant to your long range planning efforts. This could be a session to help you introduce planning to your board of trustees or to your planning committee, a session guiding a community forum, or any other in-person visit that will best move your efforts forward. MLS Advisors will also be happy to review drafts of plans or segments of your document before it is submitted to the MBLC. We really want to help!

The MLS Advisors with planning experience are:

Deb Hoadley

Please email us when you decide to plan!