ILL and Document Delivery Information

Massachusetts Library System Interlibrary Loan Service

ILL Policy (approved 12/5/2011)

Mediated ILL study (approved May 2012)

How do I receive Interlibrary Loan Service?

MLS contracts with the Thomas Crane Public, Quincy and the Wellesley Free Library to handle your requests for most materials.   MLS contracts with the Boston Public Library  to provide Journal Document delivery for all libraries.

To get started with ILL or Document Delivery, you’ll need your library’s Illiad account number.  If you need to find your library’s number, contact Rick Levine at MLS (x306).

How do I know which center to use?

Libraries that were affiliated with CMRLS, WMRLS and SEMLS  use ILL through the Thomas Crane Library, Quincy.

Libraries that were affiliated with the Boston Region, NMRLS and Metrowest use ILL through Wellesley Free Library.

For journal requests, all libraries use the Journal Document Center at the Boston Public Library.

How do I contact these centers?

Wellesley Center:
Contact Sue Kaler: 781-235-1610, x1112 /
To log in and make requests, click here.

Training Resources:

Quincy Center:
Contact Jenny Moyryla: 617-376-1319 /
To log in and make requests, click here

ILLIAD Journals via Boston Public Library:
Contact:  Susan Applegate, ILL Supervisor, 617-859-2332/

Training Resource: Submitting Article Requests Using ILLiad

How does it work?

When an ILL Center obtains material on your behalf, they will have that material shipped directly to your library.    Your library will assume the cost to return the material if it was obtained by a library from out of state or not on the delivery system

The ILL centers will make their best effort to obtain materials from libraries that do not charge for lending.    If the material is available only from a library that charges to lend, the ILL center will ask if you or your patron are willing to pay those charges.  If no one is willing to pay those charges, the request will be canceled.

Contact your ILL center and they can provide you with further information.

What about journal articles,document delivery and foreign language deposits?

Journal articles, book chapters, and replacement pages are available through the Illiad request system at Users sign in to their Illiad accounts.

Please provide a complete citation when requesting articles via ILL at the BPL. Lack of information, will definitely slow down the turnaround time. Please consult the training resource above or contact BPL Interlibrary Loan if you need assistance. Libraries can request foreign language deposits from Boston Public Library. Please submit deposit collection requests by email to Submit one request per email and include the following:

  • The specific type of books (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, genre, topical area, etc.)
  • Reading level (e.g., adult, children, teen)
  • Language of the material
  • Maximum number of items in the deposit collection
  • Name of your library and card number (same as ILLiad login)
  • Any other pertinent information that may help fill this order

Please check this link for the world languages currently held at Boston Public Library: