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Geo-Location Set-Up / Vendor Contacts & Statistics
Database Training Resources / Powerpack Registration
Gale AccessMyLibrary Apps

If you need immediate assistant please contact the MLS or MBLC:

MLS – 1-866-627-7228 (toll-free in MA)
Scott Kehoe –

MBLC – 1-800-952-7403 (toll-free in MA)
Marlene Heroux –

MBLC LibGuide: Troubleshooting Statewide Database Access Issues

Quick access to InfoTrac, Boston Globe, and the Virtual Catalog
via the Massachusetts Libraries website:

For Massachusetts Libraries: state-wide databases via Geo-Location

MLS member libraries can create direct links to the individual databases titles:
Gale InfoTrac; ProQuest Massachusetts Newsstand; Newsbank.
Links are generated with your Gale Location ID found here:

Step-by-step instructions are available with this handout HERE. [PDF]

An overview of geo-location access for Mass. Libraries:
You Can Get There From Here: Accessing the Statewide Databases [PDF]

If you need assistance in obtaining your Gale Location ID, please contact:
Scott Kehoe at the MLS, or Marlene Heroux, at the MBLC.

 MBLC / MLS Database Vendor Contacts & Statistics

MBLC Vendor Contact website: 

MBLC Vendor Statistics website:

Encylopædia Britannica
Technical Support Submission Form
1-800-621-3900 x7160

Gale Cengage
Massachusetts Gale support portal at:
1-800-877-4253 – Option 4

NewsBank (For libraries using the Regional Newspaper Access Grant Program)

OCLC WorldCat via FirstSearch (For Users of the MLS ILL Center)

Boston Globe from ProQuest

Gale InfoTrac Powerpack Registration Form

If you would like to have Powerpacks available for your library, please fill out the online registration form here:

Gale AccessMyLibrary Apps 


There is now one Access My Library app for all types of libraries. You no longer need to download separate apps for different library types. The app is currently available only for iOS and Android devices.

Apple iOS
iPhone / iPad/ iPod Touch
click here: iTunes App Store

Google Android
Droid / Galaxy / GalaxyTab / Nexus
click here: Google Play Store

For Gale Technical Support regarding this app: E-mail  / 1-800-877-4253