Twitter: A Librarian’s Starting Place

A workshop by Scott Kehoe, Advisor/Technical Specialist, MLS

Creating an Account

  • Go to to create an account.
  • After creating an account, find some people to follow.
    • If you already know somebody on Twitter, follow them and see who they are following.
    • On Twitter website, click on Find People, then Browse Suggestions, then choose a category.
    • Google your favorite news organizations and add the word Twitter to see if they have an account.
    • Find other librarians to follow on Fridays by tracking the #followalibrarian hashtag.
  • Recommendations:

Libraries on Twitter

Accessing Your Twitter Account

Most people do not use the Twitter Web Site to access their Twitter account. You can have Tweets delivered to your cell phone via text messaging, you can download a desktop application to manage your Tweets, or you can add an app to your smartphone.

Desktop Applications

Mobile Applications

Twitter Utilities

Additional applications or websites that help make Twitter even better!

URL Shorteners

If you use one of the above desktop or mobile apps URL shortening may already be built in.
Otherwise, try one of these popular shorteners:

  • – can keep statistics on how many people click your link.
  • TinyURL – the first popular URL shortening service.

Photo sharing services

Free sites that host images for Twitter accounts

Editing your Twitter website

  • Twilk – takes the icons/images of your followers and who you follow, and puts them on your Twitter background.

RSS feeds to your Twitter account

  • twitterfeed – send your RSS feeds form blogs or EventKeepr to your Twitter account.

Archiving & Sharing

  • 10 Ways to Archive Your Tweets – a very helpful post on archiving apps from the ReadWriteWeb blog.
  • Amplify – a browser plug-in allows you to send clips or images from websites to Twitter.
  • BirdHerd – a way for mulitple users to update a single Twitter account.
  • FileTwt – upload and tweet your files.
  • Tweetdoc – brings together all the tweets from a particular event allowing you to keep a record of an event.
  • Twitter Widgets – display Twitter updates on your website, Facebook, or MySpace.
  • TwitAlbums – your tweets plus photos, videos, music and comments only for those you invite.
  • TwitDoc – share your documents via Twitter.
  • Twitgether – a Twitter plug-in for other social network Google sites (Facebook, GMail, iGoogle, MySpace).
  • Twitoaster – claims to do a whole bunch of things: threads, archives, searches, and provides stats & analytics.
  • Twitter your books to LibraryThing – add books (with tags) to your LT account or to your LT wishlist.

Keep on Top of Trending Topics

Twitter users utilize hashtags to post Tweets on a particular topic. It makes it easier to find posts on the same topics.

  • The Twitter home page highlights keywords that are popular in Twitter posts at any particular moment.
  • Use Twitter search – – and to see if anyone is talking about your library on Twitter.
  • Bing has introduced Twitter search at Google is planning to implement Twitter Search too.

Other Links of Interest

This site originated as a wiki created by Kathy Lussier, SEMLS.
Additional edits, updates and porting to WordPress by Scott Kehoe, MLS.

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