Sharon Public Library Technology Partnership

We are pleased to bring you the first in a series of Massachusetts library community engagement success stories. Miki Wolfe, the Sharon Public Library’s Info Services/ Assistant Library Director shares her experience with a technology partnership with the Sharon Adult Center.

Tell us about your community partnership.  

About two years ago, we decided to run a weekly technology program here at the Sharon Public Library. During a visit, the Sharon Adult Center caught my eye as a possible secondary location for computer classes. They’d recently upgraded their computers and were looking to market the new computer space to their community. And, as they had recently decided to do programming separately from the Senior Center (although they are in the same location), it seemed like a good place with a solid base of patrons already in place.

Miki Wolfe

I connected with the Adult Programming Coordinator, and we agreed to start a partnership. At first, there was discussion about doing separate classes at the Adult Center and at the Library, but we decided it would be too confusing for people in the community (what class, where?), so we opted to go with one class, repeated a second time for people who weren’t able to make the first one. Our Tech Connect program runs on a Tuesday morning at the library, and the following Wednesday at the Adult Center. Patrons can sign up for either program, and sometimes we have people who sign up for both, so they get a chance to repeat the class, and cement their learning.

How did you connect with your community partner?

 As I was new to the library, and new to the community, I headed over to the local Adult Center to meet everyone, and offer our library services to anyone who might be interested. As a librarian, it’s important to go where your potential patrons are, instead of relying on them to come to you. Continue reading