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Join your library colleagues throughout the Northeast for this lively panel presentation and discussion on eBook and eJournal publishing. Panelists from MIT, Springer-Nature and Taylor & Francis along with our moderator from BiblioLabs will discuss the current state of ePublishing and potential futures. We hope you will join us February 23 at College of the Holy Cross!

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Announcing new interlibrary loan blog

Let’s talk about interlibrary loan. I know – we email you about borrowing and lending, Clio and WorldShare and Optima every day, but we never seem to have time to dig in and discuss ILL in any real and meaningful way. And I suspect that we have a lot to talk about here in Massachusetts.

This blog hopefully will be a starting point, a place where we can all bring up our thoughts, concerns, ideas, events, and adventures. All of us on the Resource Sharing Team here at MLS – and you know us – Hansie, Jenn, Judy, Laura, and Vincent – are excited about this chance to talk to you in a more informal setting.

Interlibrary loan, after all, seems to get short shrift. Rarely is it mentioned in library school, and the work we do is often seen as mechanical and lacking creativity. But when you start to think about it, ILL is a crucial part of the library world. Access to information is vital, and access to accurate, timely, and trustworthy information is more important now than ever. The more resources we can obtain, the more informed our patrons, and we can help them become better citizens. We provide, through borrowing and lending, more points of view, more angles on the world. We find information that you can’t discover simply by Googling it. Interlibrary loan, in some ways, stands at the very heart of what we do as library staff, and the better we are at our jobs, the better our world will become.

So we’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk about new and exciting ways to find those rare resources. Let’s discuss patron peculiarities, Clio conventions, and the mysteries of reciprocity. We want to give you a voice and a place to interact with others who are doing ILL alongside you every day.

Welcome to our blog! Please let us know what you’re thinking. Send us a blog entry, a comment, or an idea by emailing us at Thanks!

Word of Mouth Marketing

Applications are now open for the immersive Word of Mouth Marketing Project. 25 MLS member libraries will be chosen to send staff to training on the planning, crafting and implementation of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) campaigns. Team members will go back to their libraries and implement their campaigns throughout their libraries, with ongoing support from MLS Consultant Anna Popp and Project Consultant Peg Barber. After 12 months, participating teams will contribute to a toolkit to support future WOMM projects among the nearly 1,600 member libraries. More information can be found on the WOMM landing page:

Application period closes January 20. The only prerequisite for consideration is MLS membership. Participants will be selected to represent the broadest variety of MLS membership.

Social Justice

Michelle Eberle, Consultant, has submitted a letter of intent for a new grant opportunity. The MLS is applying for a 3 year National Library of Medicine Information Resource Grant to Reduce Health Disparities. The proposed project will develop an online portal, Librarians Fostering Social Responsibility, Health Equity and the Public Health of our Communities. This project will start a dialogue with librarians of all types about social justice as a social determinant of health.